Friday, October 19, 2012

Not-So-Smart Phone

Yes, I use a Blackberry. And not a new one, with a virtual key pad, but an old one with actual keys for typing. And like dessert, I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have recently decided its probably time to upgrade- not for function or modernization, but because I absolutely need one of the to die for phone case accessories I see flooding the retail market.
Abstract florals from J.Crew

And most cases are more reasonable than buying a new clutch or lipstick (J.Crew offers several kinds, such as the one pictured above, all under $30). Shopbop has an entire line of techy-accessories that to me, are far cooler than the devices they are designed to carry. (When my in-laws gave us an iPad for Christmas last year, I was much more excited about the Ann Taylor cobalt blue leather case I could get for it than the thing itself).

mmmm, preppy!
So I may have to put aside my fear of technology and go for a new phone, so that I can finally indulge in yet another form of fall accessorizing. We shall see (not to mention my parents still pay my cell phone bill on the family share plan, that I am not sure they are aware the details of....).


  1. love the preppy case! :)


  2. So glad I am not the only one in the world who hasn't upgraded, lol! Love the preppy plaid case :) Heather

  3. The best thing about having an iPhone is all the cases!! I have probably as many iPhone cases as I have shoes (and I have A LOT of shoes). I am obsessed!

    I also have the 1st generation iPad and can't find any cute cases anyway, so I am dying to upgrade JUST to get a new case. It's crazy, I know!!

    Tesori Belle


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