Friday, March 29, 2013

March-ing On

Though March has come in like a lion as expected, I have yet to experience any lamb. Good thing for retail markdown calendars being planned season in advance, since the unseasonably cold week does not dampen the price gorging on winter wonderfuls. I scored these gray patent leather DV Maryjane wedges for just over $50! And one last wear for my Ann tweed blazer is always a plus.

Jacket: Ann Taylor (winter 2011 collection)
Blouse: J.Crew (similar here)
Pants: Theory Spring 2012
Shoes: DV via TJ Maxx
Belt: Prada (winter 2009)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday Link-Up

It's OK Thursday link-up

It's OK......

To be disappointed and still hungry after leaving a new 'it' restaurant because the plates are way bigger than the portions

That the Real Housewives Reunion (Part I) has been replayed on my DVR more than twice since it originally aired Monday night

To forgo sugar all week only to give in and eat 3 brownies and a cupcake to help a coworker celebrate his birthday

That I enjoyed said brownies and cupcake more than any single food I have eaten in recent memory

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Hint of Mint

On one of my days in the NYC office, I spied this mint green jacket that I snatched up as I walked to see a client. (This happens frequently when I leave the LI office and spend the day at our NYC hub, and often requires I stuff my purchases into the bottom of my tote, as not to arrive for client presentation with shopping bags on arm. Rather than quelling my habit, I have instead started carrying an oversized bag on these days). On this particular day, I was in for the usual day at the office, followed by an Alumni Council meeting for my alma mater (and former employer) in NYC. Unfortunately this involved sitting directly across from former boss, (in case you forgot this last incident) which was unpleasant to say the least. No worries, that is why they make wine.

Jacket: H&M
Blouse: Madewell (last seen here and here)
Pants: Theory
Flats: Enzo
Necklace: Loft

Monday, March 25, 2013

Law Nerd Chic

I love tweed, loafers, cardigans, and polka dots. So today I decided to act like a stressed out college student during finals at Dylan's Candy Bar and go for them all.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (sample from my days as a buyer)
Pants: J.Crew Cafe Capri in plaid
Blouse: J.Crew Summer 2012 (try this long sleeved option)
Belt: Gucci (purchased in Milan Italy, with my first tax return in 2005)
Pumps: Ralph Lauren Collection (also bought in my days a young, single NYC fashion buyer,ahh)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Working Mama

Once upon a rainy day, when Tucker couldn't have me out of his sight, and leaving for work made my heart hurt just a little bit.

Jacket: Loft (spring 2011)
Blouse: Banana (spring 2012)
Necklace: My very first diamond! A gift from my parents for my sweet 16
Tucker: head to toe Baby Gap (and his only bottle of the day- we're working on it!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love Zhara

Happy Thursday! This evening after the usual 9 hour work day, I will be attending a formal gala for one of our biggest clients (I had exactly 8 hours of notice about this). I was up very late picking the perfect outfit (perfect because A) it has to resist wrinkling while stashed all day in my gym bag under my desk, and B) must glide on over my head effortlessly after a long day of work). I started my day with the usual kale + spinach juice for energy, so lets hope that spunk lasts 16 hours.

Have a look at my guest post on the fabulous Love Zhara Blog!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Few New

I have been better with my less shopping resolution than with my no wine on weeknights vow, but over the last few days I have accumulated some exciting new finds (including a new HP 8GB laptop when my precious Mac Air from law school finally bit the dust).

 The snow needs to melt so I can wear these DVs!


This neon tweed pencil from J.Crew is just dying to be worn. The coral bib necklace 
that matches perfectly from Francesca's for $28 made my whole day


I cannot get enough of Clinique's butter shine lipsticks- the newest member of my collection in Pink Beach

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Stripes

Sometimes they are too casual for work, but there is never a weekend that I miss the opportunity to wear one of 200 striped things I own. J.Crew stays close to its casual roots with this linen blend sweater (on sale from $65 to $29 a few weeks ago). The gold necklaces are from my parents- the small gold seashell is from their most recent trip to Bermuda, the gold dipped leaf a find from the Bryant Park holiday shops in 2009. What better outfit for an hour of sitting among 12 toddlers in a circle on the floor singing songs and banging drums?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Its OK Thursday

Its OK Thursday Link-Up

It's OK....

To leave a social gathering early to return home, have a glass of wine, and watch The Good Wife on DVR

To spend $77 on an 'As Seen on TV' product called 'Hot Buns' to hide your dirty hair in a neat little bun and get to wash it one less time each week

That when husband saw said 'Hot Buns' charge on the credit card bill he assumed it was a fraudulent charge because sensible wife couldn't have possible spent so much money on something that sounds like an adult toy

To spend more time researching the purchase of a new pair of summer wedges than on the purchase of a new computer (and just buying the one that looked the best)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pencil Dots

Its not exactly spring just yet, but the skirts and cotton sweaters are becoming harder to resist. I had the pleasure of visiting my doctor for the first time in nearly 2 years the day I wore this outfit, where several staff members commented that I looked like 'Gossip Girl' (I think that sometimes I am mistaken for someone a few years younger than I actually am, hard to believe with the bags and circles my eyes usually carry, and that people think a reference to a show about teenagers will actually be a compliment. They are actually quite right).

Shoes: JCrew Mona pumps
Skirt: Merona for Target
Sweater: J.Crew spring cashmere

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Rainy Day Outfit

Client meetings in NYC don't stop for bad weather!

Boots: Dana Buchman
Dress: Ann Taylor
Tights: Wolford
Necklace: Francescas
Bracelets: David Yurman
Hair: Hot Buns! (for you Eileen:)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Suburban Jungle

photo credit: letsnottalkaboutmovies.blogspot

The suburban equivalent to an African safari is a weekend trip to the mall on a rainy day. If you are very sensitive to stereotypes, or easily offended by my 2010 account of a visit to the Queens Mall, don't read on.

When my conservative, soft spoken, Connecticut born and raised husband comments on the atrocity of something, I know I'm not being overly critical. I am well aware of the slobification American has been undergoing in recent year, but I'm not sure when the plaque engulfed the whole Island in a tsunami of sweat pants and Ugg boots. Granted the places we were visiting in search of new spring clothes for a toddler were not the most high end (Old Navy, Children's Place) but I still can't really understand what has happened to people in malls (or in the suburbs? I'm not sure where the line ends).

A family of four walked ahead of us, mother with bright red hair, hooded sweatshirt draped off of one shoulder exposing hot pink tank top, daughters in similar shades of pink sweat suits a few sizes too small, eating pretzels glistening with butter under the fluorescent lights like gems in the sky. I do love a good fountain soda (3/4 diet, 1/4 regular coke) but the stench of battered food and artery-clogging sweets made me lose my appetite for this one mall staple. After 25 minutes and little success with our mission, we fled the mall in our fuel inefficient SUV. Somethings about the suburbs I will just never get used to.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cobalt Crush

As I stated back in December 2011, these pants were my favorite purchase of the year (and this was back before colored pants became the craze they are today). Paired with classic black and white, these pants went to 2 clients meetings (and daycare) this particular day.

Blazer: J.Crew Schoolboy
Blouse: Loft (similar here)
Pants: Ann Taylor (winter 2011)
Pumps: Banana
Bag: Prada

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

In Vogue (In Home)

The flexibility to work from home when needed is just one on a long list of reasons that I love my new (ish) job. This of course required a bit of reorganization in the newly finished master bedroom suite, since, while the hubby's home office is all decked out, my own space was yet to exist.

With a budget smaller than my toddler's shoe size, it was a difficult task. But thanks to Amazon and other such fabulous helpers, I was able to purchase all necessary items for less than $150 (which of course, meant I had to assemble every last piece of furniture myself).  The bits of personal style (wedding pictures, a note attached to flowers my husband sent to me at my first day at my first job after law school, my first mothers day card from baby Tucker) are essential to work productivity, as is the Christian Dior Little Dictionary of Fashion, which was a Christmakah gift from my college roomie, Hayley, several years ago. Other than causing need for a mid-week manicure (have you ever had to peel off 15 package labels and then assemble a desk with drawers from scratch?), my project was a success.