Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fashion Plate

A good meal is like a good outfit. It takes much more time to plan than it does to enjoy, it requires balance from start to finish (or head to toe), and comfort factors into the decision. The best part of any meal for me is the wine, and I also enjoy a big statement necklace (not sure what this goes with in my wardrobe yet, but I had to get it yesterday with the 30% off sale I happened to stumble upon while out in search if more Boogie Wipes for my infant's consistently runny nose).

Since I no longer find time to read through Harper's, Elle, or even my shopping guide Lucky, I have had to narrow down the subscription renewal notices to those I actually plan to continue with. A good Saturday night now involves cooking something delicious, and a large Riedel Burgundy glass with an earthy, 2007 Cabernet. So a subscription to Food and Wine magazine seemed like a practical choice. The pictures of plated delicacies, on french farm tables with balanced centerpieces of freshly picked tulips complimenting a charcoal-hue crisped duck skin topped with citrus marmalade are almost more enjoyable to flip through than pages of spring espadrilles (besides the fact that the latter make me wince at the thought of tripping while holding the baby). For now the magazine is aspirational only (a recent attempt at a Beef Burgundy ended with a call to the local sushi take-out restaurant and a fire alarm). But to aspire is to take a step forward, without risking the fall from a 5 inch heel.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Breeze

Ahh, the tantalizing month of April. Where bare toes freeze during the morning commute, but by 2:00 pm, closed-toe shoes are a disappointing choice. Dresses bring goose bumps, but tights are too 'winter'. And add to the usual early spring clothing chaos the additional obstacle of dressing a 10 1/2 month old for the same challenges (not to mention his new 'walking shoes' require an array of special 'dress' socks until its warm enough for the adorable size 4 Sperry's).

Being around school-aged children in my daily routine these days ends up confusing me more than providing inspiration or pangs of longing for high school. Exceptionally short skirts seem seasonless, as do those Uggs, more reminiscent of a mascot still wearing half his costume than a stylish footwear choice. I enjoy a voluminous infinity scarf more than most, but come April, I don't see the utility in wrapping one made of wool snugly around a bare neck, especially paired with a tank top. But maybe now that my days in my 20's are numbered, there are some things I will never again understand.