Friday, June 28, 2013

Storage Solutions

Taking a tip from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere, I spent a few moments of my 'precious toddler weekend nap time' to organize my delicate necklaces (that always end up snagged and tangled and thus not wore as often as I'd like).

I have a small yet special collection of drop earrings (the turquoise pair at the far left has survived summer rentals on both Nantucket and the Jersey Shore with college friends), and each necklace here was a gift with a particular memory attached (for example, the large diamond horseshoe was from my grandmother, many years ago. The smaller ones were added after by my parents and I like to wear them at the same time). Organizing is sometimes like rediscovering things you forgot you had!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Day in the Life

This weekend went something like this:

Toddler wakes up at 5:58 Saturday morning. He usually sleeps until 7. Milk, breakfast, errands, go to town pool to buy season pass because today it opens for the season- hooray! Dress and take toddler toward the  pool (like every single day was spent last summer, when I worked 4 days a week until maybe 3:00, which we both thoroughly enjoyed). Toddler screams, clutches onto my bikini top nearly pulling it off, and refuses the pool as if some form of ancient torture. Return to pool deck, sit for 20 minutes, bribe with goldfish crackers, finally get him to agree to sit on the side, on my lap. Making progress, toes in water, a smile or two, less clutching. Only to hear whistle blow and elderly (not very nice) life guard demands everyone exists the pool. Chlorine levels too high (and though they say they will test again in a half hour, the pool will then end up remaining closed for the entirety of the weekend).

Drive the 0.5 miles home, annoyed and wondering now what to do for the remainder of the day. Toddler refuses to leave car. "Boats, boats!” he demands. Said boats are located at the complex with the recently closed pool. Back to the pool we go. Arrive at marina next to pool, toddler refuses to get out. We sit in the car for 20 minutes. Then hes ready. A brief glance at the acclaimed boats, and hes over it. “House" he announces. Back home we go. This happens a few more times before the day mercifully ends, and I drink wine. This weekend I learned that people who say ‘it gets easier’ must have an enormous wine cellar, unlimited money to pay a nanny, and a well stocked snack cabinet. So far, 2 is no different than 1, except that now, the word ‘No’ is in the vocabulary, he can subsist on nothing more than milk and goldfish crackers for an entire weekend, and he weighs too much to physically force to do anything he refuses to do. Oh, and I have spent more money on wine than food in the past year.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Few New

Having promised my husband for Father's Day a $0 Ann Taylor and J.Crew balance for the month of June, its been difficult, but I still managed to snag a few new purchases, thanks to gift cards and very good sale spotting. My favorite may be the persimmon shoes which actually go with a lot and still look polished enough for work.

J.Crew Factory Emery flats (originally $98, on sale for $68, + additional 40% off) 

J.Crew Factory pencil skirt in bright cobalt (originally $75, on sale for $49, + additional 40% off)

Loft jacquard shift dress (originally $89, on sale for $54 in store, + additional 40% off)

Banana leather bangle to add some edge to an otherwise bland work look (originally $55, on sale for $29 in store)

Monday, June 17, 2013


A lightweight blazer goes well over most any outfit in the early summer days, when mornings are cool and afternoons bring humid, frizz inducing waves of heat. When a client meet is on the calendar, all pieces need an extra bit of polish. And finally, here is my new 'do!

Blazer: Loft (try this one)
Peplum Top: Ann Taylor (try this color blocked version)
Pants & Peep Toes: Banana Republic

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Waiting for Baby

My best friend is due with her first baby any day now. Since they kept the gender a surprise (from themselves as well as friends and family) I am anxiously awaiting which gift I will rush to order when baby arrives. Shopping for tiny clothing and toys always makes the thought of a new baby appealing, even infatuating. But that usually fades around 7pm when adorable toddler refuses to go to bed and I can hear the Cabernet calling my name from downstairs.

 The countdown is on! What are some of your favorite baby gifts?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to Nature

In an effort to rid my home of all parabens, chemicals, and anything else toxic, I invested in some new products (which is really the most fun part of this whole purge). Baby (or now I really should call him 'toddler') has been organic and 100% natural since birth, so he was the easy family member. Husband eats and uses anything placed in front of him, and requires only things be 1) easy to figure out and 2) inexpensive.

For me, the Clinique had to go. Too many labels contained more than one type of paraben, and many other ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Luckily I have a new love: Tarte. Their BB primer is the single best beauty product I have tried in recent memory, and the $34 is fairly reasonable in the given market. Their entire line is paraben free (and all the other natural bells and whistles). Always a fan of the ever-popular palettes (flash back to my junior year college roommate and her Trish McEvoy 'binder' of cute, perfectly sized eye and cheek color that inspired me to run out and buy the same) this Tarte kit is the 100% natural alternative.

eye palette in chic clutch packaging
BB cream in light
For skincare I am less loyal, and prefer to alternate my products almost daily (my skin, like my hair, is always a work in progress). For now, I am happy with Burts Bees (the tomato tonic) and the whole line of Juice Beauty organic cleaners, lotions, and serums (try this green apple peel). Hopefully I wont miss parabens!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Jean Jacket

When paring down, stick to the real basics, those piece you cant get through an entire week, let alone a whole season, without wearing. In cleaning out my closet (what my husband refers to as a sisyphean task) I realized that I have owned the same Gap denim jacket since college, and I've never even thought about replacing it. It goes with everything (I shoved it into by already exploding carry-on for our CA trip at the very last minute before dashing out at 5 am to catch out car to the airport, and ended up wearing it every single day of the trip, as illustrated below).

Jean jacket + printed floral shorts for brewery tour and tasting at Lagunitas

Though I love this jacket dearly, it may be time to add a new member to my closet family. Saturation is key- the dark the more potential for wearing after sunset- as is cut (too boxy keeps it too casual to pair with a fun floral dress, while too fitted is equally unflattering).
A bit pricey at $189, but love this Paige denim option

Love this Gap classic
Old Navy always has a well priced option these days

Where and when did you buy your favorite jean jacket?