Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lean Back, But Dressed in Heels

I have not read the much discussed 'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg, I have not read any books in the past 2 years. Instead I have been busy working full time, raising a toddler, buying then maintaining a house, and trying to be a good wife. The aforementioned are nothing particularly exclusive for me, as millions do the same each day along side of me. But personally, I find it hard to do them simultaneously, as one always suffers at the expense of the success of another.

I have had 3 jobs in the last 4 years. Each had its own special set of challenges, and while I wouldn't say I 'leaned in' at any as much as maybe I liked to think I did at the time, I still went in each morning on time (well, early mostly because that's part of my neurosis) and rarely skipped a day. With a child at home, its hard to really crave that elusive level of professional success the same way you crave a new pair of shoes or a good nights sleep. Sure, it sounds great, seems very 21st century to chase up the ladder, wanting to break any glass ceiling, but in truth, its far easier to do a job well, and relish the reality of arriving home at 6 pm in time for dinner every night. So my advice to women is not to claw, climb and crush your way to the top, but rather do something that you can tolerate (because most of us must), and be happy there.

I guess its a little leaning back (or maybe no leaning at all, and rather standing up straight), but I do it in great shoes, dressed my best, and my little one knows when the garage door opens that I'm home for dinner each night. Some nights wine is for dinner (since even a job in law that allows punctual departure is a job in law after all).


  1. This is an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, Christina. I hope many women will be empowered by reading this. Well done!

    Shane McHale, Business Attorney Tampa

  2. I read Lean In and enjoyed it - and btw it was the first book I read in two years! I think it is incredibly difficult juggling the things you mentioned, and add a blog to the mix and you are really busy. Somethings got to give. One of the things I took from Lean In, is that women tend to work hard, do well, and not 'move up' if you will - including pay raises because we are comfortable with ourselves as long as we know we are doing a good job. While men are more comfortable asking for raises and promotions even when they may be doing just as well as us at work. So I guess if you are there at work anyway, why not make more money or take on a higher position? You mentioned you rarely take off of work, so you really aren't any less able to perform than a man in your position - even though in your mind it isn't top priority to climb the ladder, but your top priority is your family (as it should be). Just my two cents! Also, totally agree with you on the great shoes, and the wine for dinner.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Zahra-thanks for such a thoughtful comment! Good advice indeed :)


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