Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laced Up

Mens tailoring is nothing new on the fashion map, but that doesn't mitigate my obsession with it every time fall rolls in. This season, as oxfords are firmly planted in the scene, they've taken on softer notes.

Whether you prefer the originals (pictured left from J.Crew) or the newly feminized variety that come with cutouts and heels, they work for the office or cocktails (and days where one leads into another, as is often the case for me in my new line of work). If you don't feel like shelling out $250 on your first pair, try these from Matisse for under $100, with free shipping. If you're of the many who admire the laced up shoe on your friend, but don't quite feel you can pull it off, give it a try. You'll trade in your weekend sneakers if nothing else. With your boyfriend's watch and some large jewelry, its the perfect alternative to the black pump.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Legally Speaking

A staple in every prepster's wardrobe is the classic bow tie, especially a navy and white striped version from Brooks Brothers. But did you ever take a close look at those ties? Apparently the adorning patent numbers, used for mostly aesthetic purposes, struck a nerve with a New Jersey lawyer who discovered the use of expired numbers on the clothier's merchandise (perhaps he had too much time on his hands).

Upon hearing of the suit last May, I, like the judge hearing the claims, didn't think the lawyer had any standing to sue (lack of personal stake in the subject matter or outcome of the case). But on August 31st a Federal Circuit Court in Washington thought otherwise and allowed the lawyer to sue.

Other than committing a fashion faux pas if tied incorrectly, or using a pre-tied variety, I can't see the harm in the expired patent numbers on the bow ties. Unlike some retail perpetrators who rip off other's ideas faster than a linen strip at the waxing salon, Brooks Brothers can't be said to have tried to profit through thievery (in fact, lack of intent to deceive is a defense to the action). I think the lawyers should save their strength for more pressing matters (habeas corpus claims, financial fraud, women who wear harem pants) and leave the veteran retailer and its iconic silk ties alone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around, Again

Though its tempting to cleanse one's closet of all pieces that haven't been worn in the past 2 seasons in order to create much needed space (if you live in or near the City), a glance through the September issues is a lesson in restraint.

Example: I have had this full, mid length, ocean blue, jade green and ivory skirt from Club Monaco since approximately 2004. When I first moved to the city to join Ann Taylor's buyers training program after college I remember it being one my very first splurges ($160 for a skirt is still a splurge in my book, by the way). The full fabric nips in at the natural waist and bows out subtly below. As trends and hem lengths have risen and fallen with moon, the skirt had moved further back in the wardrobe, taking a back seat to pencils, above the knee tweed minis, and tulip cuts. Flash forward to present day, and Marc Jacobs collection for Louis Vuitton has placed the full, mid length, ladylike skirt front and center. The treasure from 2004 suddenly is fresh and so happily still hanging in my closet. (The same story can be told about my Coach platform, 3 inch heeled penny loafers from 2006, which, with the addition of fresh soles at the local shoe repair, eliminate the need for Prada's 2010 version.)

Take care when closet purging, so that the inevitable fall binge does not leave you regretting your choices.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Toast to Taste

No better way to kick off a Labor Day weekend than with a fall shopping spree, and a trip to the green market for all the necessities for a weekend of boats and bbq's. (The former included this sweater and tank from Banana, this skirt and trousers from Loft, and this necklace and silk top from J.Crew, to go with aforementioned bottoms. Fall is the time I break my own rules and pay full price, I can't bear the worry they will sell out of my size). A little threat of a hurricane won't dampen the whole weekend, and will provide a nice excuse to take the Hubs to the movies for the only feature I actually want to see this Summer (no, not Eat, Pray Love).

Planning the party is half the fun, and you can set the tone of the event early on with good old fashioned invitations (I detest the 'Evite' and will never send one. If I'm going to invite you via the Internet, I'll just send you an email). If you love the Evite, but appreciate the beauty of a real invitation, Paperless Post offers a fabulous line of Internet-age invitations that have all the splendor of the real thing. Whether you're hosting or attending this weekend, a nice bottle of Pindar's Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice at a great price (my friends who detest chardonnay and those who love it can all agree on this wine). If your host is like some of my gracious, newly homeowner friends, she may say bring nothing but yourselves. Even when someone tells you that, always show up with something. (If I ever tell you we don't need anything I'm either lying or distracted. Wine is always welcomed.)

Happy Holidays, and please don't pack away the white. Wear if happily once Monday has passed!