Monday, January 18, 2010

Packing for Success

People often say that you can learn all you need to know about someone by looking inside their purse. While I'm not sure that's entirely true, there is definitely a lot to be said about a person by the contents (not to mention style/brand/color) of their tote. So for my very first day of work tomorrow, no less than three hours were spent packing, unpacking, and repacking three separate bag options. I finally landed on my stalwart, the roomy black Prada shoulder tote with plentiful inner pockets.

But what to pack? Since I have no idea if I'll get my own space (cube, desk, corner with stool) I can't be presumptuous and arrive with an arsenal of personal pictures, my own stapler (which I actually kept from my last job because its so amazing) and magazine tears for daily style inspiration. I need to stick to the bare essentials for day #1. So limited by modesty and the trusty seams of my Prada, I think I've managed to stock myself with the necessities. This includes a pair of black patent Weitzman pumps (I will walk to and from in equally cute Geox flats to avoid tripping and falling before I step into the door), wallet, makeup bag stuffed with 2 shades of nude Trish McEvoy lipstick and plenty of Clean&Clear oil blotting sheets, mini umbrella for unpredictable January weather, eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle, and a Luna Bar for lunch (let's be serious, I'll be so nervous all day that I doubt I'll have the stomach for anything other than 2 Imodium tablets). Assuming day #1 goes off without a hitch, I already have a small tote packed for the next day with the aforementioned personal items for desk decor.

I always picture taking a spill and various levels of new co-workers getting a good look at all items in said Prada. I think I'd be okay should my natural proclivities toward maladroitness kick in.

What's in your daily work tote?


  1. reading material, pocket calendar, pens, and lots of breath mints!

  2. First of all, I want to complement you on your practical sensibilities here. The Luna Bar or equivalent is key (I tend to prefer Zone Bars or those Crunch things), as is the water bottle. I tend to drink water all day, usually with either lime juice and Splenda™ in it, or some sort of 'protein-water' mix, to ward off those hunger pains—esp. the kind caused by work-induced ennui. Lastly, those blue Clean&Clear® sheets are a great companion that fits easily in a woman's purse or a guy's messenger bag or backpack or briefcase, and makes all the difference in the world, esp. in summer months and warmer climes. Pragmatic as always, Christina!

  3. I guess having a Dad that could pack for a trip around the world in an oil tanker at a moment's notice rubbed off as did all those ski trips. Good luck on your first day - you'll be wonderful!


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