Friday, January 15, 2010

Blues and Boots

I was so traumatized by the new lawyers orientation program I had to attend last week that I am not quite over it just yet. Beyond the castigating clothing choices I had to stare at for 2 hours, the content of the program itself was also troubling. A veteran lawyer spoke to us about his own struggle with substance abuse, and reported that lawyers have 2 times the depression rate of the normal population. Understandably, chronic exposure to dark colored poly-blend day in and day out would sink anybodies spirits, but double the publics rate of depression? I found this stat stammering.

My friend forwarded me this Times article earlier in the week listing 50 small things to do to make ourselves happier. I think perhaps law firms should pass out copies of this article and make it mandatory reading this weekend (maybe even allow the associates a billable hour for reading it to encourage actual participation).

I have one more addition to the list for increasing pleasure in the gray months of winter. When you head outside in turbulent weather, sport a pair of cute waterproof boots that make you feel less like the Michelin Tire Man, and more like a cute, well-dressed professional. (Girls, Uggs are not waterproof so there is no argument for these in a snow storm.) Whether you like the brightly colored, critter adorned variety of rain boots, or prefer the unobtrusive, chameleon sort that could pass for actual dress boots, there is a pair for everyone. (I am a bit of a nerd, and when I first bought my Burberry rain boots several years ago, I wished for rainy days so I could trot to work through puddles in my new checked novelties.) It is a small expense that will pay off by lifting your mood when you peak out the window and see wet streets and cloudy skies.

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  1. good rain boots are a must in this city!


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