Monday, January 4, 2010

Post-Holiday Shopping Success

After many weeks of preparation (shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping) the holidays are in the rear-view mirror, and people have gotten started on their new year's resolutions (although I couldn't think of a resolution that I might actually keep so I'm still searching for one). A quick lap down Madison Ave this weekend revealed that the stores were not hit quite as hard as expected, and, according to reports, they actually did better than the previous holiday season. Though this might disappoint the many who have become trained to shop only with 40% off entire purchase at Ann Taylor, an additional 20% off sale at J.Crew, or those nifty coupons at Banana Republic, it excites those of us hoping to make a career in fashion.

My husband and I decided to spend some coveted gift cards this weekend, and headed to our usual starting line for such adventures: Madison and 45th. J.Crew had a weak sale section, and a delicious black Lady coat that was unfortunately misplaced in the sale section which caused a moment of fleeting excitement. Next at Brooks Brothers we had the score of the day. A table of ties marked 40% tempted us from the entrance, and as soon as we landed at the crowded display among a sea of tourists and older gentlemen in their plaid newsboy caps, I snatched a yellow and navy striped tie. My husband turned to the price tag knowing that, like all Brooks Brothers ties, it would read $75. To our surprise, the tag said $52.50. Thinking this was too good to be true we hurried to the register to buy the jewel-toned treasure. Sure enough, the snippy saleswoman (who was a prime example of why we only shop the mens section at Brooks Brothers, in her mid calf length plaid skirt and thick, ugly sweater with matching socks) informed us that the price after sale was $45. Always to be counted on to be assertive when shopping, I pointed out the tag read $52.50, and then it was 40% off of that price. She lowered her head to us, and informed us that "this is a $75 tie." That might be well and true, I retorted (in just as snippy a tone), but I pointed to the printed price tag. (Any shopper should know that regardless of what a true price is, a store is obligated to give you the marked price, no matter whose mistake it is.) With an eye roll that rivaled mine in delivery, the saleswoman fetched her manager, and sure enough, we got the tie for a whopping $31.50. The hubby will be donning his new steal in court tomorrow, thanks to me, for a big oral argument in front of the appellate division.

Today I am lending a fashion eye to a friend to aid him in buying some new suits at Hugo Boss uptown, for his impending legal career upon completion of his LLM this spring. One of these days I will be charging for such services!


  1. I see your "oral arguments" in the retail arena were well taught (probably by a saavy shopping mom) and delivered with aplomb.
    Congratulations on your "steal"!

  2. Ha...Thanks for your help this afternoon. After Boss I actually went to Madison Ave for some more shirts and another tie.

  3. good luck at the appellate division today to you and Tom!


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