Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion Mis-steps

Ever sit on the subway looking at someone and think, 'I can't believe she is wearing that in public?' (I obviously think this often, among even less polite cogitations). Today on the way to work, I tried to focus on finally finishing the February issue of Elle, but my attention was relentlessly caught by the tragedy of the day. A middle aged woman stood in the center of the car with purple leather Doc Martins (that were probably considered 'edgy' when she wore them in the 90's), a plaid coat seemingly from Forever21, and a large red wool hat, from which oozed mounds of Medusa-like hair strands that hadn't likely been washed since the 15th.

I would have chalked her ensemble up to not enough lithium (or too much maybe), but for the last component: a JP Morgan monogrammed tote bag. Interesting. And her reading selection? The Wall Street Journal. I am all for dressing outside of the box for corporate jobs, but my idea of this usually includes cardigans and silk, ruffled blouses. After I got off the subway at my stop and surveyed a crowd of gray wool coat clad robots boarding the train, I actually smiled at the woman's rainbow bright affinity. We can all use some color in our days after all.


  1. I think you had a pair of black Docs in 7th grade....

  2. Oh yes, she did, and lots of black in the closet.


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