Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toes First

Does anyone else get antsy for Spring when the stores roll out their sandal displays in January? At work this week I found myself drooling over several spring models and trying desperately to squeeze my size 7 foot into sample size 6 toe-bearing styles. Though seemingly impractical to offer sandals in the middle of winter, retail results indicate the contrary. People love bare footwear and will buy it no matter what the forecast.

Perhaps the explanation for our shoe shopping is similar to the psychological phenomenon behind emotional- when our spirits dive, we crave Ben and Jerry's by the pint or pizza by the pie. Cold weather spurs the desire for escape and fuels a furry of denial. When our bank accounts might not quite support a Caribbean getaway, a pair of brightly colored peep toes or strappy sandals may have to suffice. (I actually bought the pair above for a super deep discount at Nine last week, and love them so much I watched TV in them after our friendly UPS delivery man dropped them off at my door a few nights ago. Practical? No. Deeply satisfying? Indeed.) Snatch yourself a pair of sandals when you feel blue, and anticipate warmer, brighter times to come.


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