Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mid-Week Shopping Spree

Though the past few weeks have felt like a scene from Ice Age, spring fashions are upon us. One item I can't see getting through the next season without buying is the shirt dress. Like all things, there are offerings in the stratosphere of price, as well as pocket-friendly zones, and every point in between.

Wish list dresses for me are mainly from Phoebe Philo's new collection for Celine, including this khaki number for around $2,000. Philo does nude in a fresh way for spring, and makes very sleek, simple silhouettes that women want to wear (but can't always afford).

Middle market shirt dresses are still a tad out of reach for me at the moment, a week before beginning my fabulous new job. This Marc by Marc Jacobs chambray option is young and easy to wear with a belt. I love Kate Spade for everything from adorable pencil cases to cashmere sweaters. Her telltale vintage charm is evident in this sweet shirt dress as well as this patterned number. These may be feasible in another few weeks!

The mainstream stores have done a great job adapting the high end runway styles to accessible, market friendly versions. Banana Republic has been making the iconic khaki shirt dress for as long as I have been old enough to dress myself. The 2010 model in chambray is just as classic yet modern as ever (and priced just under $100!). Gap too has a cute option for only $54.50. Urban Outfitters offers a teal take on the classic that can go day to evening. As soon as that first check clears direct deposit, I'll be in the stores!


  1. Like the Celine dress, but don't see why people are crazy for Phoebe Philo's new stuff for Celine, maybe because before her, Celine was a giant snoozefest?

  2. I've always loved shirtdresses (I have a light chambray from J. Crew that is several years old but will be perfect this season). Since I wear a small size, I wish the hemlines were a bit longer for those of us whose age is on the other side of the smaller size chart!

  3. I agree with you about Celine, I never really loved anything by the label, and think the rage is just because a fresh talent has brought a bit of life back to the previously stale collections.


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