Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reality Pinterest

Cork boards are among my favorite things of all time. I have them in my office, my bedroom, and my closet. Pinterest appeals to me only in that it resembles my longstanding hobby. But virtual reality is not for everything. I prefer my clippings in real life. Thanks to some thumbtacks, craft scissors, and a toddler that loves to rip pages out of magazines (and also comes to me in the morning holding issues of Lucky, saying 'up' insisting I hold him while we flip through the pages together) I have Fall-Winter 2012 ready inspiration boards.

What did you spend your Hurricane Sandy lock-down doing?

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Few New

A new job means different things for different people. For me, a new job in the traditional world of law requires a few tweaks to my wardrobe. To get things started, these lovelies have been added to my collection to add up to one power outfit.
J.Crew shirt reduced from $78 to $39
J.Crew Cafe Capri in wool, couldn't resist this color for gray cashmere sweaters and crisp white buttons downs.

What occasion doesn't call for a new bag? J.Crew's Biennial Satchel  is spot on. And this shade of red is seasonless.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Candy Coated

The November J.Crew Style Guide came in the nick of time. This morning's chill penetrated my blazer, and made me consider my winter coat collection for the impending cold season. Last Christmas, the hubs got me the much sought after cobalt blue Lady Day Coat (my 4th Lady since college), and I love it. But now of course the classic staple is offered in yellow (the varied color choice is how they offer the same item year after year and still manage to create a demand), and somehow I am trying to find a justification to add it to the brimming coat closet. (I'd also love an excuse to buy this winterized version of the preppy double-breasted blazer.) Outerwear is the finishing touch to your outfit as the mercury dips so don't thrown a black puffer on top of a delicate silk dress and assume its OK. And don't bundle up in your North Face and gloves when the weather report predicts a high of 58 (although that may be a NYC subway phenomena that just aggravates me).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's OK Thursday Link-Up

Thursday Link Up

It OK....

that I stopped setting an alarm, and wake up whenever my toddler decides its time (which lately causes wide variation in my arrival time at work)

to have a glass of wine for dinner

to turn on Bravo instead of any of the multiple Presidential debates

that my favorite part of Saturday morning is bacon (which you can't put in the juicer)

that after 2 complete days of nothing but juice, I ruined my cleanse with not 1, but 4 slices of pizza

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happiness is....

1. New OPI Casino Royale nail polish

2. Baby Uggs for Tucker's 17 month old feet

3. Matching Ralph Lauren holiday sweaters for father and son

4.  Tucker riding a toy horse at a fall festival this weekend

5. A bottle of Stags Leap 2010 Cabernet for the wine cellar

6. Pinwheel pushpins from Anthropologie for my new bulletin board

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tough Cuffs

Okay so my love of bracelets is clear and unapologetic. But I get tired of the same styles I see in major retailers, and am forever in search of a new, unique find (if I come home with one more gold bangle my husband, and my closet, will kill me). At the risk of losing my individuality on this, these needlepoint cuffs from York Design Company are my single favorite discovery of the fall (thank you Beth from Social Climbers for sharing!) There is a decided preppy quality to the line, but its an approachable, friendly preppy that all can enjoy. This polka-dot number is on order and arriving at my doorstep in a matter of days. And yes, I'll be planning entire outfits around it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Not-So-Smart Phone

Yes, I use a Blackberry. And not a new one, with a virtual key pad, but an old one with actual keys for typing. And like dessert, I have a love-hate relationship with it. I have recently decided its probably time to upgrade- not for function or modernization, but because I absolutely need one of the to die for phone case accessories I see flooding the retail market.
Abstract florals from J.Crew

And most cases are more reasonable than buying a new clutch or lipstick (J.Crew offers several kinds, such as the one pictured above, all under $30). Shopbop has an entire line of techy-accessories that to me, are far cooler than the devices they are designed to carry. (When my in-laws gave us an iPad for Christmas last year, I was much more excited about the Ann Taylor cobalt blue leather case I could get for it than the thing itself).

mmmm, preppy!
So I may have to put aside my fear of technology and go for a new phone, so that I can finally indulge in yet another form of fall accessorizing. We shall see (not to mention my parents still pay my cell phone bill on the family share plan, that I am not sure they are aware the details of....).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its OK Thursday Link-Up

Thursday Link Up

Its OK.....

to spend more time shopping Online for a new clutch than doing any work today

to fake sick from work so you can stay home and begin a juice cleanse (take 2) without the distractions of the workplace

to be happy when your weekend plans fall through

to save money by making your coffee every morning for a week, only to blow $75 on a new pair of ankle boots (but they were on sale from $278!)

to count chasing a toddler around the house to brush his teeth before bed as exercise

to overfill the washing machine with dirty laundry, select 'super', and believe it will all be clean

to make your 17 month old grilled cheese for dinner when he cries at the sight of vegetables

to avoid washing your jeans, and instead use an occasional spritz of Febreeze when necessary

that you cannot recall the last time you went to the dentist

to talk back to the Housewives on the Reunion episode of RHONY as if they can actually hear you

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Pictures Worth How Many Words?

Pictures are where I get most inspiration for daily dressing (though I loathe the spreads often featured in Harpers or Elle where a mother dons a floor length gown and prances with her 2 and 3 year old children in the backyard. No one does that). Today, a collection of some of my favorite, most wearable looks.

J.Crew August- classic Americana, with a fringe and tons of bangles. You can never have enough bangles (unless of course you have to actually use your hands that is...)

Camel + Stripes + Khaki (J.Crew). Doesn't get more classic.

Bright Booties are very cool from the Loft

Gray is a great compliment to bright bottoms (shop the outfit at

The Mod/70's vibe is easy to translate to the office, and an olive clutch goes with most things in your wardrobe (believe it or not).

I cannot forget my first fashion loves love: polka dots + denim +blazer. Shop this outfit at J.Crew.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spiced Cider

After a trip to the Jericho Cider Mill this weekend, I am obsessed with using apple cider in everything I make (there is something utterly satisfying about picking an apple out of a barrel and watching someone turn it into cider in front of your eyes). We are hosting a little gathering this fall, and this gives me the perfect excuse to tinker with mixology. This recipe (from Aaron McCargo, Jr.)  is the best of the ones I've tried (and this designation also indicates ease in preparation- after more than 5 steps I lose focus and forget where I started).

What you need:
1 liter Fresh apple cider
1/2 cup dark rum
1/2 cup cinnamon schnapps
1 Granny Smith apple, sliced
1 lemon
6 fabulous martini glasses (I love these pictured at left from Crate and Barrel)

Mix all liquids together in a pitcher, dip the apple slices in the juice of the lemon, then place one slice in each glass and pour the cocktail on top. Despite the flashbacks to my trip to the jersey shore circa 2002 dark rum causes, I was able to overcome my gag reflex and enjoy the drink. Cheers!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Turq + Magenta

Bored by most of the 'evening' selection in my closet, a Friday night engagement party at a Long Island beach club presented a challenge (not to mention the utter fatigue that presents itself on your face after a long work week, when attempting to look fresh after 6pm on a Friday becomes quite the obstacle). I often pick one small thing I really want to wear, and then end up planning the rest of the entire outfit around this item. Case in point: turquoise Banana Republic ring from the Trina Turk capsule collection.

Black felt safe and predictable. I hadn't remembered to shave my legs since last weekend, so a dress was out. Separates are different for night, and I'm a big fan of being the only one at a table with a certain look. Magenta pairs really well with turquoise, and black pants seem not so ordinary under this topper (and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark polish is my fall staple). The combo also compliments my freshly highlighted strands!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Diary of a Juice Cleanse

So the juice cleanse is complete (complete as in finished, not complete as in properly executed and fulfilled). Here's my report:

Day 1:
7:30am- green juice. Trying hard to finish the 16 oz bottle, that seemed more like a 64 oz serving since it took an hour to finish, and a lot of deep breathing and encouragement from friends.

8:30am- starving and caffeine withdrawal headache already setting in.

9:30am- yellow juice. Tasty, refreshing and pretty energizing.

10:00am- hungry again, delicious yellow juice already a distant memory.

12:00pm- spicy lemonade. Odd, reminiscent of guacamole with an unpleasant after taste, yet the will to cleanse kicks in and I finish it.

2:00pm- foul mood. Stomach churning, cubes of cheese calling to me from the fridge. I eat one, then two. Damn it.

6:00pm- white juice. Smells good, tastes sweet, then cashew grinds come to the surface and its like drinking chalk. 7 ounces in and I'm done.

7:00pm- 6oz glass of Clos du Bois Reserve Cabernet (2008- not as good as 2007, but it will do).

Day 2:
7:00am- cant do the green juice. Drink the yellow juice instead.

9:30am- fight through hunger, drink spicy lemonade while gagging.

12:30pm- Greek salad is the special in the work salad bar. Sold.

1:00pm- 2 more cubes of cheese to wash down the delicious Greek salad.

7:00pm- more wine. no more juice.

Day 3:
Total abandonment. Extra large latte. Bacon and egg and cheese. Next time I'll invest in a new pair of boots instead of spending $225 on juice.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Summer calls for bright colors, and the Little Black Dress gets pushed toward the back of the closet. Then comes September, when the burnt-orange quilted vest and sage green cords step back into rotation, and you can go many weeks without a pedicure thanks to disappearance of sandals from the daily lineup. (Vests and cords alone make me want to drive east and spend the day at Duck Walk or one of my favorite Long Island vineyards, sipping wine and enjoying the sight of women in their weekend hats). Though I love wearing my LBD, I love jewel tones and mustard yellow even more. And this includes accessories more than ever!

A pop of  fall color updates a classic Louis Speedy Bag

And finally, its cool enough to wear my new yellow Vince Camuto loafers!

Color-fall is off and running.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After spending Tucker's nap time reading interior design magazines this weekend (such a luxury I took for granted in my pre-baby days) I decided my den was not complete. Some ideas from the Right Bank helped me with execution and color. Once I start a project, everyone knows I wont stop until its finished (this includes the 100+ piece wine rack I mentioned last month, which required working into the night, and then caused such adrenaline that even upon completion, sleep was not possible). After dabbling with gray and green in the living room, it seems to have emerged in multiple spots throughout the house now.

 Sherwin Williams paint in Lazy Gray, Pottery barn candle holders, Harper's citron dress picture, Home Goods frames

Ambre Diptyque candles

Target zebra rug (Zebra reminds me of my grandmother), Amazon citron pillow covers, Pottery Barn couch lamp & tables

Some of my college friends are coming to see the house for the first time this weekend, having company always adds energy to a new home that remains after the guests have left. Good company is the best way to decorate.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Print to be Tied

Unlike many people who buy things that they know will pair with most things in their closet, I like to buy spontaneous pieces, that I have no idea exactly what I will wear with, but that catch my eye and make me excited upon mere sight. Case in point: these Dolce Vita loafers.

I have a diagnosed weakness for loafers- driving, smoking, oxford, spectator, the list goes on. So the navy canvas print with cognac leather trim and tassel didn't require much thought upon sighting at Bloomies. If you like the menswear style but shy away from print, these are another nice option from the new fall arrivals. (The DV line, akin to Michael Kors' 'Micahel' collection, (known in the biz as diffusion lines), is a nice alternative with styles all priced near or under $100). And these are much more practical for daycare pick up!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aged and Confused

At Starbucks with Tuck, I happily sipped an iced latte while he napped in the stroller. An older woman smiled at the sight of me, a phenomenon this article so accurately explains, and couldn't help herself. 'What a cute baby!' she exclaimed. I smiled politely, continued enjoying my beverage. 'He can't be yours,' she stated, more to herself than for my benefit, but of course requiring me to respond (in law, there is a rule of evidence that allows lack of a reply to be used against you to prove guilt, if a reasonable person in your situation would have replied to contradict the assertion). 'Yes, he is mine,' I said politely, not lingering with my eye contact to convey the sentiment that I am enjoying a rare moment of peace, and do not wish to engage in further conversation with you. She looked surprised, ruffled, and then could not take a hint and be on her way. 'But you're so young,' she countered, not to compliment me, but more to buck at what she now was beginning to find unbelievable, and perhaps deviant. She forced me to pause, sigh, and look up once again. 'I'm 30' I stated, without elaboration, at which point she seemed satisfied that she was not witnessing a filming of some disturbing reality show or whatever atrocity she thought might be going on (she clearly does not watch MTV's 16 and Pregnant). She smiled politely, and continued away to order her coffee concoction.

I suppose the drug store brand eye cream I've been forced to substitute for my beloved Clinique in recent months does a good enough job. (However it's also quite possible that the woman has not upgraded her eyeglass prescription all that recently and is perhaps due for a visit to the nearest optometrist.)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bare Necessities

While gearing up for the juice cleanse, I've tried to par down on those foods I consider daily necessities. I have been able to eliminate very little (frozen yogurt, my afternoon cube of cheese, Friday night pizza (still on the fence on the latter, lets see how tonight goes)), and have come to accept the following as staples I am unwilling to part with to make for an ultra effective juice cleanse:

1. Coffee with half and half (I loathe skim milk and would rather drink the green juice all day long).

2. Splenda (it goes on everything from my morning grapefruit to my afternoon hibiscus tea).

3. Wine (try raising a baby and giving up alcohol. I don't recommend it).

Going to the gym more than twice a week is a physical impossibility, so I've taken to activities that I can do without getting up an earlier than Tucker dictates, or lying to get out of work early to hit the treadmill. (This week I dug up and replanted shrubs for 2 hours one day after work while Tucker dug his own hole along side of me. Afterwards, my triceps and forearms ached for 3 days and I felt satisfied).

Life is short so smile today, and do something that makes you happy. My heart is with my dear friend and Gamma Phi big sister Sam Schmitt for her loss, Peter Schmitt will be remembered always by not just his close friends and family, but by all his constituents that he worked so hard for.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Letter for you, Tylenol

Dear makers of Infant Tylenol,

Well now we're not even calling it Tylenol anymore, right? Anyway, thank you for making something that helps the screaming stop when its 2:00 am, mother works full time, father is crippled with exhaustion from being on call all week, and the beautiful wood floors (that seemed like a great idea upon home purchase) make the wailing reverberate throughout the house with fury.

However, since your product is designed for babies in pain, you can anticipate it will be administered by frazzled parents, growing desperate for relief as they approach your bottle. The nifty 'accurate dosing' suction function is not such a great idea at all. Where there is suction there is pressure, and this only increases the chances of releasing the syringe too soon, spewing medication all over the bathroom and screaming baby. Nor is the purple dye you use to make it appear like juice a clever addition. Again, knowing the condition poor parents will be in when using your product, you might imagine it being dark, desperation over taking proper motor skills, and the high likelihood that your purple liquid will end up squirting out of this suction hole, onto new granite counter tops (and all over mom's $35 American Apparel t-shirt she was forced to sleep in because she hasn't had time to do laundry and all her 'sleep' shirts are actually dirty) and leaving stains only discovered in the light of daybreak, which at this point is too late to clean thoroughly. (Not to mention if your medication can stain granite, what does it do to my baby's stomach? We will leave that thought for another time, for I am too exhausted to add worrying about the health hazards of Acetaminophen to the list this morning).

Thank you,

Working Mom of teething infant

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I have some strange 'rules' (or preferences) that I adhere to when it comes to getting dressed. And some of them admittedly inspire a deep eye roll, with no logical explanation. (When studying abroad in Australia, I bought 2 identical denim hats from French Connection, one in dark rinse, and one in a lighter wash. For some reason or another, I designated the light hat was a 'weekend' hat, while the darker one could be worn at less restrictive times. And I was serious about that- the rule was never reversed. This also birthed the catchphrase 'weekend hat' to refer to a myriad of my nonsensical fashion stipulations for many years to come).

Another fashion preference: I don't like to mix metals. This goes for hardware on my tote, to the small accent on a shoe or belt buckle color, and includes all jewelry. When I wear my gold watch, I don't like to wear my platinum wedding rings (3 to be exact- cushion cut engagement diamond on platinum band, antique diamond eternity wedding band, and 1st anniversary channel set diamond eternity band). The remedy? Go ringless on those days, or, a classic yellow gold Cartier style (not brand! we are being frugal here people) Rolling Ring.
Ring placed in a dozen anniversary roses

Perfectly fitting my size 4.5 ring finger
And yellow is touted for its mellowing affects anyway, right? So 2 birds, one stone.