Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Letter for you, Tylenol

Dear makers of Infant Tylenol,

Well now we're not even calling it Tylenol anymore, right? Anyway, thank you for making something that helps the screaming stop when its 2:00 am, mother works full time, father is crippled with exhaustion from being on call all week, and the beautiful wood floors (that seemed like a great idea upon home purchase) make the wailing reverberate throughout the house with fury.

However, since your product is designed for babies in pain, you can anticipate it will be administered by frazzled parents, growing desperate for relief as they approach your bottle. The nifty 'accurate dosing' suction function is not such a great idea at all. Where there is suction there is pressure, and this only increases the chances of releasing the syringe too soon, spewing medication all over the bathroom and screaming baby. Nor is the purple dye you use to make it appear like juice a clever addition. Again, knowing the condition poor parents will be in when using your product, you might imagine it being dark, desperation over taking proper motor skills, and the high likelihood that your purple liquid will end up squirting out of this suction hole, onto new granite counter tops (and all over mom's $35 American Apparel t-shirt she was forced to sleep in because she hasn't had time to do laundry and all her 'sleep' shirts are actually dirty) and leaving stains only discovered in the light of daybreak, which at this point is too late to clean thoroughly. (Not to mention if your medication can stain granite, what does it do to my baby's stomach? We will leave that thought for another time, for I am too exhausted to add worrying about the health hazards of Acetaminophen to the list this morning).

Thank you,

Working Mom of teething infant

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  1. Sounds like the manufacturers of Tylenol weren't using their brains when they came out with the syringe, and purple-dyed medicine! I've definitely had my fair share of Tylenol related stains and accidents.


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