Friday, October 30, 2009

Yays and Nays

In a second round interview today, I knew I was in the right place when one of the first questions the vice president of buying asked me was to name a few trends I've seen for fall that I like, and some that I dislike. Though nerves and sweaty palms clouded my often lucid fashion mind, and made words stick like viscous chewing gum in my throat, I managed to name a few such trends that for better or worse, caught my attention.

As evinced by the brown motorcycle booties I paired with my interview outfit, I love exposed zippers. Whether they are on the hem of a pair of jeans, the sleeve of a jacket, the outside of a boot, or dangling from a neck, zippers add edge and interest to any ensemble. I also love bib necklaces, with large jewels or other such adornments. I have seen them in every price range from $39, all the way to $1,200, with the some of the cutest options falling somewhere around $100. I am happy to see the large, voluminous bell bottom-esqe jeans fall out of favor and embrace the straighter leg. Though skinny does not work for everyone (and scares many), I prefer the narrow styling. Most pairs contain a small amount of spandex for comfort, and in the right size (and age appropriate cut) straight jeans really look great on all.

I do not adore the over the knee leather boots, which I find reminiscent of a streetwalker or insect cocoon. Wear what you like, but these are certainly not for me (nor are they for most women I know). I also cannot get on board with animal print. Though my favorite aunt from Staten Island would disagree, I find it hard to wear and not all that flattering on most people. However, like tequila, small doses of animal can be good, as in a skirt trim or slim neck scarf.

Hopefully my damp hands did not ruin things for me, and my edgy booties spoke for themselves.


  1. I remember the bell bottom jeans! They were all the rage for girls in high school. I never liked them and thankfully I have not seen any woman wear them in a very long time.

  2. Love the booties, I agree zippers are a very cool trend.

  3. Disagree! These boots are HOTT:

  4. Those Weitzmans are hot, for sure. But kind of in the 'dressing up for Halloween' way. But as always, wear what you like!


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