Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Of all the prime time hours clogged by reality shows, there is one 60 minute period Friday nights where we can still blissfully find one of television's long time stalwarts, Law & Order. This season marks the show's 20th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a photo spread in Harper's Bazaar titled "Crimes of Fashion." (This piece finally broke the tie between Harper's and Lucky for the prize of being called my favorite magazine.)

Iconic figures like Sam Waterston (D.A. Jack McCoy), Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson and S. Epatha Merkerson pose with a 'model murderess' who is killing women for their to die for fashions. Flipping through the 9 page spread reads almost like a film noir in tone and style. (I mean, a red Valentino dress is nearly worth committing a felony for, no?)

The piece is timely not only for the show's 20th season, but also for the large amount of fashion related litigation that lawyers are currently duking out. Since the industry is being decimated daily by economic peril (making it an unfortunate time to be seeking a job in fashion for me), law suits over the integrity of what remains have sprung up. Many designers have relied on advice of counsel and framed their suits in terms of trade dress infringement (meaning the overall 'packaging' of the product, which is protected under the Lanham Act). When defending on the grounds of trademark or copyright infringement, designers often fall short of the numerous elements involved in such claims and the inherently subjective nature of fashion. I agree that a certain amount of competition should not be impeded by overly restrictive regulation, but a fair fight is the only kind I can support.

I'm sure Sam Waterston would not stand for fake Louis Vuittons hidden like roaches in the crevices of Canal Street.


  1. Love the spread, and love Law and Order, can't belive its been 20 seasons!

  2. I love Jack McCoy and his Barbour coat!

  3. the Barbour coat is a classic. Maybe you can come to be known by your red fleece vest the way Jack is know for his Barbour coat.

  4. Remember when we saw Dr. Wong at the diner back probably 5 years ago?

  5. ps - I have the same Barbour coat as Jack McCoy!


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