Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Review

Stripes have become to spring what Weight Watchers is to January. A cliche, but nevertheless functional. I can't open a magazine, pass a store front or get into my own closet without a parade of horizontal daggers staring at me like taunting treats of warmer days.

As you probably know from reading, I am obsessed with stripes. I wore them throughout my pregnancy (regardless of their purportedly enlarging affect on the waistline) and find no less than 2 outfits each week to work them into. But even I have to say that a sea of stripes makes me wonder if fashion has finally hit the proverbial wall, where all creative pursuits, daring dimensions and provocative patterns have laid down their heads for a long winter's nap.

I often say that if you really look closely, there is nothing truly new in fashion. Every trend you like, love, or loathe is just a reemergence of something that's been done before (50's polka dots, 60's lady like frocks, 70's mod, 80's neon (shudder) and so on). Talented designers make a fresh stab at tried and true shapes, adding their own signature to make over the already made. And while I can't seem to stop buying stripes, and citrus hues make me happier than red wine, I can't help but think, is this it?

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  1. It's true fashion is just a repeat of itself. I think right now we're enjoying a resurgence of the 70s. My mom always kicks herself for not saving more of her old clothes!



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