Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heading for the Hills

My husband watches intellectually stimulating programs such as CSPAN and and BookTv, while I prefer the emotionally rousing Real Housewives and MTV (the latter not as much as of late, but it can still be found on the TV when I'm in control). One show I really have to say I miss is The Hills (and spin off The City). What ever happened to adorable California girl trying to make it in the big city working for Kelly Cutrone, aka Whitney? It seems shes been hard at work since the cameras wrapped several season ago- her first fashion show debuts in Lincoln Center for NYC Fashion Week on Feb 15th. I've lost all access to the shows in my new life, but I'll look forward to reading about it like everyone else.

I remember short skirts, frills balanced by leather jackets and double breasted blazers, and plays with proportions from her line Whitney Eve. The new looks featured by Fashionista seem to be a departure from my memory, but fun nonetheless (a tribal print frock won't cut it an evening Board meeting with Long Island conservatives, but maybe at Saturday cocktails). Kind of makes me want to abandon all rational justifications for working a steady, predictable job and try my hand at the fanciful while I'm still in the tail ens of my 20's!

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