Monday, January 16, 2012


I am a firm believer that to get things done right, its best to do it yourself. This applies to most aspects of daily life, from cleaning the baby's bottles to making the bed, to the perfect accessory. I've always marveled at the DIY shows on Sunday mornings, where a husband and wife team up with a visionary kitchen designer and tackle their ugly counter tops and cabinets, revealing a state of the art new product. (Where they get the money, gorgeous marble, and equally gorgeous construction expert is all conveniently left out of the episodes of course.)

Recently I've been searching for the perfect infinity scarf (akin to this one at left from J.Crew, but in lighter fabric). Those long, dangling scarf ends are just not practical with a teething infant, cups of coffee, or (unfortunately) toilet bowls. A little bit of vision (imagine the ends of an ordinary scarf tied together) and some time after baby is in bed, and you have my first DIY project. I'm not handy, but I am good with needle and thread. So my favorite printed Ann scarf is now the best infinity scarf I've seen! This inspires me to make more custom pieces from existing articles in my wardrobe (anyone remember the Bedazzler? I loved being 10 years old in the early 90's). Elbow patches would look great on my navy gold button blazer.....

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