Friday, January 27, 2012

Red-y for Spring

Sixty degrees in January, in New York, is something of a marvel no matter how cynical the City has made you. While it's not such great news for the gorgeous cobalt blue Jcrew coat my hubby gave me for Christmas, its fabulous for Tucker who loves walks in his stroller up and down the tree-lined suburban streets adulthood has relegated me to. Ankle length pants (like white jeans) are a year round staple, this whether just makes for an easier case to argue.

A red-soled shoe makes a statement paired with pants of any length (and the recent lawsuit filed by Louboutin against YSL for trademark infringement of his signature color trademark holds water in my opinion). The warmer temps outside make wearing these pretty pumps more practical (save for those downpours or melted snow banks, and the added necessity of a nice pedicure). We will be heading to Atlantic City in a few weeks, the perfect venue for a 5 inch heel (since carrying an 8 month old does not allow for such height risks in daily dressing).

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Review

Stripes have become to spring what Weight Watchers is to January. A cliche, but nevertheless functional. I can't open a magazine, pass a store front or get into my own closet without a parade of horizontal daggers staring at me like taunting treats of warmer days.

As you probably know from reading, I am obsessed with stripes. I wore them throughout my pregnancy (regardless of their purportedly enlarging affect on the waistline) and find no less than 2 outfits each week to work them into. But even I have to say that a sea of stripes makes me wonder if fashion has finally hit the proverbial wall, where all creative pursuits, daring dimensions and provocative patterns have laid down their heads for a long winter's nap.

I often say that if you really look closely, there is nothing truly new in fashion. Every trend you like, love, or loathe is just a reemergence of something that's been done before (50's polka dots, 60's lady like frocks, 70's mod, 80's neon (shudder) and so on). Talented designers make a fresh stab at tried and true shapes, adding their own signature to make over the already made. And while I can't seem to stop buying stripes, and citrus hues make me happier than red wine, I can't help but think, is this it?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Legally Speaking

I had to get Online early today before work to see what all the Anti-Piracy fuss was about, and I it seems all web services are voicing their sentiments against the legislation quite emphatically. Having spent a majority of my time in law school studying IP and its implications for the fashion world and some time at practice responding to cease and desist orders and the like, I am a little surprised by the huge backlash flying around like 80's Aquanet hairspray fumes.

I've posted about this many times over the past few years (see my archives) and never find the issue cut and dry. But the new Bills before Congress (Stop Online Piracy Act (House Bill 3261), and Protect IP Act) sound more like the nerdy, idealistic clubs from my law days than passable law. The hungry vendors on Canal Street in Downtown Manhattan that would smell my wallet as I tried desperately to get from the 6 train to class without having to hiss at their gorilla sales tactics are reminder enough of why anti-piracy law should be tightened up (they can use my Gucci belt for added emphasis). I understand the fear Online, but the economic famine they predict flowing from such legislation is a bit dramatic, as the regulations are not as draconian as Google's blacked-out homepage graphic might suggest. As I tell my mother when she tries to belt every sweater she owns, or my 8 month old when he tries to devour the whole jar of apples after dinner: Everything in moderation people!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I am a firm believer that to get things done right, its best to do it yourself. This applies to most aspects of daily life, from cleaning the baby's bottles to making the bed, to the perfect accessory. I've always marveled at the DIY shows on Sunday mornings, where a husband and wife team up with a visionary kitchen designer and tackle their ugly counter tops and cabinets, revealing a state of the art new product. (Where they get the money, gorgeous marble, and equally gorgeous construction expert is all conveniently left out of the episodes of course.)

Recently I've been searching for the perfect infinity scarf (akin to this one at left from J.Crew, but in lighter fabric). Those long, dangling scarf ends are just not practical with a teething infant, cups of coffee, or (unfortunately) toilet bowls. A little bit of vision (imagine the ends of an ordinary scarf tied together) and some time after baby is in bed, and you have my first DIY project. I'm not handy, but I am good with needle and thread. So my favorite printed Ann scarf is now the best infinity scarf I've seen! This inspires me to make more custom pieces from existing articles in my wardrobe (anyone remember the Bedazzler? I loved being 10 years old in the early 90's). Elbow patches would look great on my navy gold button blazer.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Heading for the Hills

My husband watches intellectually stimulating programs such as CSPAN and and BookTv, while I prefer the emotionally rousing Real Housewives and MTV (the latter not as much as of late, but it can still be found on the TV when I'm in control). One show I really have to say I miss is The Hills (and spin off The City). What ever happened to adorable California girl trying to make it in the big city working for Kelly Cutrone, aka Whitney? It seems shes been hard at work since the cameras wrapped several season ago- her first fashion show debuts in Lincoln Center for NYC Fashion Week on Feb 15th. I've lost all access to the shows in my new life, but I'll look forward to reading about it like everyone else.

I remember short skirts, frills balanced by leather jackets and double breasted blazers, and plays with proportions from her line Whitney Eve. The new looks featured by Fashionista seem to be a departure from my memory, but fun nonetheless (a tribal print frock won't cut it an evening Board meeting with Long Island conservatives, but maybe at Saturday cocktails). Kind of makes me want to abandon all rational justifications for working a steady, predictable job and try my hand at the fanciful while I'm still in the tail ens of my 20's!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Facebook Effect

It happens to even those with the largest closets- standing, staring at all the options, unable to pick anything to wear. One fairly basic black and white silk Calvin Klein Collection top seems good enough, so I throw it on, pick a pair of gold hoops, and feel satisfied. Then I think: when did I wear this last? And more importantly, were pictures taken and posted on Facebook? Answering this in the affirmative, I head back into the closet abyss for another 15 minutes until something else, equally as basic, but not recently tagged on the Internet, suffices.

The old technique of dividing the purchase price by number of wears to help ease the sticker shock goes out the window when you fear being seen in the same thing at numerous events, forever memorialized on the Internet (along with those shots from college you didn't even know existed until an email notification alerts you to their resurrection when a friend discovers some old candids). But since I used this formula to justify buying many items that now, with a baby, I'd never be able to talk myself into, I can't stomach not wearing them again simply because everyone knows the last time I did so. What's a girl to do? Balance confidence against insecurity and wear what makes you happy? Probably. Or delete Facebook account? Not likely.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New ____

All cliches exist for a reason- they are true. I have made some resolutions for 2012, and upon examination, each is its own cliche. (Use the gym at least 3 times a week - In preparation I even bought new pants and tops that will help enhance the experience, as an outfit does for any occasion. Eat better- I often substitute cereal for dinner when taking care of an infant and a small household after a full day of work overcome me. Be more patient- less eye rolling when husband cant immediately read my mind.) Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Anything we can resolve to do that does not evoke a been there, done that, how many days will this last, mentality? Tucker has resolved to take fewer naps as evidenced by his refusal to close his eyes once since he woke 7 hours ago today. My husband seems to have resolved to spend more time using his new iPad since his gaze hasn't strayed from the device much since he woke also 7 hours ago. I'd suggest no more sweatpants to those I see in the suburban grocery stores, but that would be a failed attempt. Wear more color? Less flats, more heels? No more ponytails? Weak. Perhaps the best strategy is to the make the most of what is already around (clothing, job, waistline) and not set ourselves up with a list of unfulfilled resolutions to dampen the start of a new year. I resolve not to resolve, how about that?