Friday, March 26, 2010

The Perfect Skins

Besides the rough and tough biker chick often conjured up by the mere mention of the leather jacket, there is a softer side to the new staple. Though I admittedly have a hard time letting go in general, this spring, the new object of my desire has been a shale grey cropped leather jacket. (There is much debate about the proper spelling of the word 'grey' at work. I argue often with others about this very topic, and while it might seem pointless, I had to get to the bottom of it. If you have too much time on your hands, or also work in the fashion world where color reigns supreme, here is an interesting explanation of the 2 variations on the proper spelling of the color.) Either way you slice it, grey is an omnipresent tone for spring 2010 when black can be harsh, and brown feels too fall. (Please don't wear black leather boots past April 1st, regardless of your affinity for American Chopper or LA Ink).

After a long, exhausting, erratic week of work (one day, for example, began at 6:30am with a $50 car ride to the Queens Mall, did you know the mall doors are open at that hour? I surely did not) I came home ready for a glass of Trader Joe Cabernet and a frozen Fresh Direct pizza. To my surprise, there was a grey and cream colored gift bag with coordinating silver tissue on the table waiting for me. Confused at not only the aesthetic composure of the present, but its very presence in my apartment, I looked to my husband for an explanation (though he is the one who practices more traditional law in the household, he is always home before me). He smiled and urged me to open the treasure. To my delight, the leather jacket lay inside like an unearthed gem waiting to be harvested. I proceeded to wear the supple ectoderm around for the rest of the evening. Lets hope the weather is conducive to my new bounty this weekend.

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