Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lyons (and Tigers, and Other Animal Prints)

In the virtual age where hard copies have become hard to come by, I relish the days when I come home to find a J.Crew catalogue nestled all snug in my mailbox like a weary traveler curled up on the couch. I can thank the uber-talented Jenna Lyons for taking my trusty middle school go-to for wooly sweaters and cords from elementary, to fashion superlative.

The beginning of each look book underscores 'Jenna's Picks' where the Creative Director expounds on what you absolutely must have for the upcoming season. I rarely disagree with her selections (though, unfortunately, 2 new lawyers living in a studio apartment in Manhattan cannot readily dash out to buy all the items she so seductively recommends). The Wall Street Journal reported this past fall that Lyons was paid $1 million as a bonus for escorting the retailer to super-stardom in middle market merchant land. In banker town, this is a paltry sum that wilts next to 8 figure bounties. Yet in the retail kingdom (circa the economic havoc of 2009 and amidst a landslide of layoffs) $1 million is rather hefty.

This month's catalogue featured real people decked in J.Crew's decadent spring looks with brief descriptions of their professions. The free clothes alone would be sufficient motivation for me to participate (on the occasion that they'd want an average New York City gal with a shopping affliction and a penchant for prep in their pages). Shop the collection now and get 20% off all dresses! (Anyone else have a plethora of showers, rehearsal dinners and weddings to attend this spring?)

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  1. And now Ann has 'Lisa Loves' for its picks...copy???


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