Monday, March 1, 2010

American Dreams

Is there anything more intimately or profoundly American than a navy blue Ralph Lauren shawl collar cardigan? The rich, plush sweater makes me want to quit my job and take up figure skating again. The triumphant athletes donning America's finest designer was the icing on the Olympic cake for me.

Though it may seem simple, the choice of Olympic gear says much about the country's culture. (The Canadian sweater, for example, complete with embroidered moose, was too reminiscent of the sweater vest my friend's mother in law gave her for her birthday in college for my taste, yet very 'Canadian'). The selection of Ralph for the USA is a way of wearing the country's heart on its sleeve. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of of preppy, cool, casual, chic- exactly how the rest of the fashion world views the US. Not taking ourselves too seriously (France? Ehem), yet excelling in the most difficult of winter sports and fashions.

While I appreciated the patriotism radiating from every country's athletes, there was no finer display of the encapsulation of Americana than those blue cardigans.

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