Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vintage Kicks

I'm not sure what it is about February that makes me feel nostalgic, but I've been on a big retro kick lately. I'm looking all over for a tiny glass bottle of Coke (I used to beg my parents to take the empty ones home from restaurants for me when I was little), I'd love a piece of rock candy from the Sweet Shop in Northport, Long Island, and I desperately want a pair of plain white Keds, circa 1985. I even got out my old, dusty CD book and uploaded Greenday's Dookie to my iPod last night (my very first CD ever purchased, which was in 1994).

The editors of Lucky must have felt my pangs for the past, because they featured a piece on the origin of the shirt dress, another one of my favorite oldies. (Ann Taylor, founded in 1954, began with a simple shirt dress, named the 'Ann Taylor' and the rest is history.) A photograph of Brigitte Bardot donning a timeless khaki shirt dress from 1956 could have easily been taken in 2009. When I watch Mad Men (which I don't even like, but continue to watch for the inspiring fashions of the decade) I get the urge to throw out all my clothes and start from scratch at Kate Spade and Anthrolopolgie. My friend even got a new hair cut this weekend after being inspired by Zooey Deschanel, whose 1950's pinup aesthetic embodies the vibe I'm craving worse than a chocolate bar right now. A crisp, starchy, freshly pressed shirt dress would certainly make Monday morning less depressing for me (although my college roomie who used to do all my ironing is in Scotland and I still never learned how to do it myself).

Polka dots, cinched waists, ruffles and flowers make the falling snow and accumulating slush slightly more palatable at the moment, no?

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  1. I'm all for the polka dots, the cinched waistlines, and even flower prints. But please, no more ruffles. No more.


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