Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cutrone Couture

Since work now keeps me away all day (and part of the night as well) I just caught Bravo's new series Kell on Earth on DVR this evening. I know people think shes harsh, under dressed and brutally direct, but I must say that I love fashion PR princess Kelly Cutrone.

The series premiere made me woeful over my lack of invitation to fashion week, but also made me feel less bitter about having to work this past Sunday setting up aisles and shelves of shoes for NYC's FFANY shoe show this week. The assistants and interns bear the brunt of Cutrone's sweatshop, but the owner herself is always on site directing her staff like a well oiled, albeit overworked, machine. The brief scenes of Cutrone with her daughter balanced her insane edge a bit, and shone a sliver of light onto the softer side beneath the black and leather. (And I appreciated her condescending yet accurate description of how most Americans assume 'Juicy Couture' actually equates with real 'couture' as in custom, hand made pieces originating in France. The two cannot be confused.)

If making it big in fashion requires 24/7 work days, a thick skin, and tears only outside the office, I doubt I'll ever get off the ground floor. But Monday nights at 10 can make me feel slightly better when I've had an unrelenting 12 hour day in the office or in the stores. There's always someone whose had a worse day than you.


  1. I think that is the recipe in making it in any competitive industry. I'm told with every insult my skin is getting thicker- I doubt it, but I'll keep plugging away (and have some wine in the meantime)xx

  2. yes, long days can be brutal but you've already worked so hard in law school, so you can do it. Fashion love!

  3. If anyone can make a go in a competitive environment, you can. You graduated from law school, didn't you? You rose above the travails books are written about to come out with your JD and now Esq. after your name. You can do anything you want!


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