Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top 10 for Spring '10

This weekend has granted me luxurious free time to finish all the Spring issues, including those I don't even subscribe to (I make the exception for fall and spring and read every single fashion magazine sold in NYC). After reading endless tabulations by creative minds such as Joe Zee and Glenda Bailey, I appreciate a few items they've suggested but decided like all things, I need a list tailored just for me.

For the record, Elle dictates that this season, all well-heeled women need to own an army jacket, a denim blazer, a cropped trench, a 'bed' jacket (yes, this is exactly what it sounds like), an 'ultrafeminine frock', a dress composed largely of khaki, tribal or calico, some sort of embellished, leather or distressed t-shirt, denim overalls, and something with fringe. (The last of these trends reminds me of the winter jacket I cherished in 5th grade, which was adorned with black velvet strands cascading down the back yolk that would blow gently as I ran on the playground or skied down the slopes. I think I'll leave fringe and overalls a distant memory from the 90's.)

My own top 10 for anyone who is actually going to spend money on 10 separate articles of clothing for spring, is a little less daunting and doesn't require any visiting of repressed childhood memories. I'd start with a classic, easy pair of ankle grazing khakis, like these stalwarts from J.Crew. The mid-July alternative to such pants, the khaki skirt, in either the traditional silhouette, or the modern office friendly pencil is also a necessary. Spring is all about the rediscovery of sportswear, which put American designers on the fashion road map to begin with. The combination of a skirt or pants with one of these bright, tropic-inspired, airy blouses is a foolproof way to update your cold weather separates. I personally can't get through a season without the most basic of preppy staples, and I will likely pick up another one of these oxfords from Ralph. Girls in the City might not know it was spring without a light, printed dress to pair with a warm weather friendly version of the fall cult favorite ankle booties (a la Rachael Bilson on any given day). Since they first appeared on the bohemian-chic hooves of fashionites south of Houston a few years back, I have loved the gladiator sandal. This season they are still going strong, and they have a firm spot on my list. My obsession with J.Crew's jewelery line only burgeons for spring, with pieces like this pale hued adornment. (Jewelery is also a nice way to totally change the tone of an ensemble without having to work too hard). For the plethora of dresses no doubt already hanging in the closet, a fresh equestrian belt is an easy piece to pick up and cinch over a narrow waist. (Keep in mind what my friend Rebecca likes to say when choosing a belt width, you don't want to 'put a string on a ham'.) On most budgets, even after a month's worth of grocery, cable and Con Ed bills have been paid, the last 2 items on my list are still manageable. I can't get on board with the neon nails I've seen on the runways and in the glossies (especially the blue, which makes your nails look as they would had you been deprived of oxygen for a extended period of time). But I do love the gray-lavender-taupe concoction that is Essie's Chinchilly polish as an alternative to winter's deep plums. A deliciously rosy lip tops off any spring outfit, and goes from day to night seamlessly in warmer months. Chanel's new Rouge Hydrabase lipstick in soft mink is smooth, not too saturated, and a cheap way to own a pair of those interlocking C's.

Whether you buy 1 or 10 new things for the season, wear what you have with confidence and a smile, because that won't clash with anything.

Happy birthday to my dear friend and loyal blog reader, Cara. XOXO


  1. I got a new gingham shirt today. Ggranted, it was somewhat duplicative of my brooks brothers gingham, but that's what happens during "unsupervised" shopping trips!

  2. Love these picks, need to find some money to makeover the wardrober


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