Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gifts in White

It is true that there is no gift quite as sweet as a paid day off. A month ago, a day like today may have been just another day for me, but now it is a blissful treat. The snow has accrued since I first woke up at 6 and has created layers of soft tulle on tree branches and awnings. Fur-lined hoods and candy-colored boots trot up and down the sidewalks, hurrying from one canopy to the next. After I write this, I'll be pulling on some Nova Check Burberry and heading to the local Starbucks to sit amongst the literary types with a fabulous new book about the trappings of of growing up privileged on Manhattan's Upper East side. Delicious.

Enjoy the view from your window, no matter where your window is located today.


  1. This type of day was my favorite when you were still in elementary school. We would bake, light a fire and just enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Enjoy the day!


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