Saturday, February 13, 2010

Canvas Calling

Amongst the may treats in this month's issue of InStyle was a coupon for free shipping from a new concept by Lands' End called Canvas. Part safari, part Sunday stroll through Soho, the line offers a mix of weekend casual with a dash of office wear sprinkled in for flavor and polish.

The brand universally known for their classic washed canvas Boat and Tote bags has seen an opportunity for expansion and tackled it like a lithe high school athlete. Though I wouldn't call any of the pieces groundbreaking or revolutionary, I think they offer a compelling image at beyond great prices (I'm not talking about Forever21 level $10 dresses, which, by the way are largely produced in illegal, sub-humane sweatshops, but rather prices in the $30-$150 range for most items.) 'Groundbreaking' is rarely what I go for when shopping for a new outfit, so I am pleased with something fresh and unexpected in terms of brand, price, or subtle texture, all of which Canvas has nailed.

Few 20-somethings born and raised on the East Coast can say they don't own a Lands' End Boat and Tote, and in my case, I own 5. (I got a small thrill when I ordered a new set in canvas and red to serve as our preppy honeymoon luggage this summer, and was able to place my new monogram front and center.) Your tote will feel right at home over the arm of one of these gingham oxfords or this cropped anorak. I used my coupon for this look, and cannot wait for our friendly UPS delivery man to drop it off next week. Add a little prep to your weekend, use promo code "INSTYLE', pin 5286 at checkout.


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