Saturday, February 6, 2010

Khaki Coming

I've made it through about 3/4 of the spring issues of my favorite fashion mags, and have noticed an overwhelming sea of sameness. I know that I complained recently about the industry's increasing reliance on 'newness' as a substitute for actual taste or wearability, but there has to be a happy medium between the two.

You can hardly flip a page in the March Harpers without the pale, smiling face of a freshly buffed woman, decked head to toe in blush and taupe staring back at you. (Check out the ads for Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Vera, etc. I felt like I was looking at the same tall amazon in various grass fields donning the same 3 ensembles.) I love a khaki shirt dress as much as the next girl, but please give me something to make the drab, beige month of February speed by faster and part with haste to the tantalizing treats that lie in the floral months ahead. A hot pink bauble necklace, and mint green cashmere cardigan, a pair of electric blue suede pumps, anything! (But not that horrendous harlot shade of red seen all over the depressing runway on this week's Project Runway, which, sadly, I just can't get into since it left Bravo.) Besides the thrill of crisp spring air against bare toes peeping through delicately crafted leather cut-outs, I can't yet feel spring fashion. Perhaps a long over due pedicure tomorrow on a treasured day off will get me more in the spirit.

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