Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stretchy Stuff

After yesterday's successful shopping trip (my friend went home with 2 pairs of knee high boots), I've been forced to reevaluate my blanket abhorrence for all things resembling leggings. I can divide the vile gear into 2 distinct categories, one which deserves its loathing, and another that can be quite magnetic.

First are the well know spandex, easy to spot (and easy to resist) sausage casings for legs. Regardless of your affinity for cured meats, these don't really look good on anyone. While browsing the racks yesterday, my friend and I came across a pair of denim leggings, and were both equally horrified (and my friend is a fierce defender of leggings). I first tried to give the pants the benefit of the doubt and suggested perhaps the elastic waist was suited for maternity wear, but upon further examination I could tell this was not the case. They were just ugly. Skinny jeans are hard enough to wear well, I wouldn't recommend delving into pants that are so brazen as to call themselves 'denim leggings'.

The second variety of spandex leg wear that I find less offensive, and even adorable, are the equestrian inspired camp. On this week's 'to do' list is picking up a pair of these from J.Crew. Several elements make these pants different from the former, vile sausage casings. First of all, they are called 'skinny pants', not leggings. (Any lawyer will tell you word choice is everything.) Secondly, they have a back zipper, kind of like a reverse fly. This makes them more akin to actual pants than leggings. Additionally, the ankle hem does not hug the leg within an inch of its life, but rather stands breathing distance away from the skin. The inner leg patch detail, reminiscent of equestrian jodphers, seals the deal.

So while my bottom line has not changed, I have opened my mind to another previously unknown category of spandex. Just another reminder of why fashion is so fabulous, you never know what you may find.


  1. I probably own more spandex than anyone I know, but strictly for athletic purposes of course : )

  2. I tried to order those Jcrew Pixie pants and they are sold out of size 0 and 2! what to do? Recylse old riding pants perhaps? Do you have any?

  3. ps- if you spend $150 or more at J.Crew online before midnight this Wednesday (Nov 11th), enter the code 'JCREWFAN' at checkout and get free shipping!


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