Thursday, November 19, 2009

Off Broadway

Tired of the midtown scenery on a mild, sunny afternoon, I decided to take a long walk down to Soho and enjoy the up and coming holiday window displays. (For the occasion of migrating south of Houston, I found it appropriate to wear my preppy-meets-hipster black and white lace-up oxfords.) As usual, I took 3rd Ave down to 14th, then walked up to where Park Ave turns into Broadway and headed down past Astor Place, Bleecker, and finally Houston. Flustered to find an enormous amount of construction on the corner making it too hard to navigate in brand new shoes, I had to detour west of my route, just off Broadway. Who knew that some of the city's gems hid mere feet away from the main drag?

On Sullivan and Prince I found a shop that momentarily made me think I was back in upstate New York (in a good way). Purl yarn shop is perhaps the cutest store I have even come across in New York City. Though I haven't knitted since junior year of college when my roommate Hillary taught me how (and I made a mangled, lopsided hat that only a mother could love) this discovery made me want to take up the hobby all over again. Then on Greene I saw what looked like Pinkberry meets home decor, and couldn't help but go inside. What I later learned was the Alessi flagship is the perfect place to find unique gifts for anyone interested in cooking, entertaining, or just being quirky. On Spring I came across what looked like just another clothing store, until I went inside and discovered a large vintage display, full of boots, t-shirts (the original Twizzlers logo) and other fabulous accessories. Flying A has a decisive downtown feel, with splashes of lower east side edge and Tribeca glam (including the hard to find Petit Bateau that Rebecca is forever searching for).

Hunger began to rumble in my stomach, just as I turned down Broome and found Mariebelle Soho. Though this was a 'no gym' day, I couldn't resist a little treat from the chocolate bar. The hot chocolate made it impossible to ever use instant Swiss Miss again. To rediscover the city you think you know so well, just veer a little to the left.

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  1. I feel like jumping on the LIRR to explore these wonderful-sounding finds! Thanks for doing the leg work.


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