Friday, October 12, 2012

Diary of a Juice Cleanse

So the juice cleanse is complete (complete as in finished, not complete as in properly executed and fulfilled). Here's my report:

Day 1:
7:30am- green juice. Trying hard to finish the 16 oz bottle, that seemed more like a 64 oz serving since it took an hour to finish, and a lot of deep breathing and encouragement from friends.

8:30am- starving and caffeine withdrawal headache already setting in.

9:30am- yellow juice. Tasty, refreshing and pretty energizing.

10:00am- hungry again, delicious yellow juice already a distant memory.

12:00pm- spicy lemonade. Odd, reminiscent of guacamole with an unpleasant after taste, yet the will to cleanse kicks in and I finish it.

2:00pm- foul mood. Stomach churning, cubes of cheese calling to me from the fridge. I eat one, then two. Damn it.

6:00pm- white juice. Smells good, tastes sweet, then cashew grinds come to the surface and its like drinking chalk. 7 ounces in and I'm done.

7:00pm- 6oz glass of Clos du Bois Reserve Cabernet (2008- not as good as 2007, but it will do).

Day 2:
7:00am- cant do the green juice. Drink the yellow juice instead.

9:30am- fight through hunger, drink spicy lemonade while gagging.

12:30pm- Greek salad is the special in the work salad bar. Sold.

1:00pm- 2 more cubes of cheese to wash down the delicious Greek salad.

7:00pm- more wine. no more juice.

Day 3:
Total abandonment. Extra large latte. Bacon and egg and cheese. Next time I'll invest in a new pair of boots instead of spending $225 on juice.


  1. LOL Told you.... its the green and the grit... and then pure smell of it... and the clos du bois is my go-to!

  2. Hahahahah.... That's awesome. But really I could live on a juice cleanse. The greens become tolerable by day 3. But you are so right... A pair a boots would sometimes be a better investment!

  3. Wow, I was thinking about the juice cleanse. See what ya mean about getting the boots instead.

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