Monday, October 8, 2012

Print to be Tied

Unlike many people who buy things that they know will pair with most things in their closet, I like to buy spontaneous pieces, that I have no idea exactly what I will wear with, but that catch my eye and make me excited upon mere sight. Case in point: these Dolce Vita loafers.

I have a diagnosed weakness for loafers- driving, smoking, oxford, spectator, the list goes on. So the navy canvas print with cognac leather trim and tassel didn't require much thought upon sighting at Bloomies. If you like the menswear style but shy away from print, these are another nice option from the new fall arrivals. (The DV line, akin to Michael Kors' 'Micahel' collection, (known in the biz as diffusion lines), is a nice alternative with styles all priced near or under $100). And these are much more practical for daycare pick up!

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