Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's OK Thursday Link-Up

Thursday Link Up

It OK....

that I stopped setting an alarm, and wake up whenever my toddler decides its time (which lately causes wide variation in my arrival time at work)

to have a glass of wine for dinner

to turn on Bravo instead of any of the multiple Presidential debates

that my favorite part of Saturday morning is bacon (which you can't put in the juicer)

that after 2 complete days of nothing but juice, I ruined my cleanse with not 1, but 4 slices of pizza


  1. mm yes bacon and wine are always okay :)

  2. Using my 2 minute mental break to pop over and say hi!

    1. :) hope today is going well and then its almost your day off! woo!

  3. haha love the ones with bacon and pizza!:)
    xx Kate


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