Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its OK Thursday Link-Up

Thursday Link Up

Its OK.....

to spend more time shopping Online for a new clutch than doing any work today

to fake sick from work so you can stay home and begin a juice cleanse (take 2) without the distractions of the workplace

to be happy when your weekend plans fall through

to save money by making your coffee every morning for a week, only to blow $75 on a new pair of ankle boots (but they were on sale from $278!)

to count chasing a toddler around the house to brush his teeth before bed as exercise

to overfill the washing machine with dirty laundry, select 'super', and believe it will all be clean

to make your 17 month old grilled cheese for dinner when he cries at the sight of vegetables

to avoid washing your jeans, and instead use an occasional spritz of Febreeze when necessary

that you cannot recall the last time you went to the dentist

to talk back to the Housewives on the Reunion episode of RHONY as if they can actually hear you

Happy Thursday!

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