Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deals and Steals

Since I am now among the employed, I decided it was time to shop for some work clothes. My office is very casual, so I have free reign to sport my favorite styles (straight jeans, blazers, heels and colorful silk tanks). Over the past few days I have managed to get the items pictured above for less than $20 each, and I felt the need to share my news with people who might appreciate that accomplishment more than my husband.

I admittedly have an obsession with silk tops and jeans, and, objectively speaking, probably don't need anymore. But I am rarely objective with my wardrobe, so I don't plan to start now. The tops (left to right) are from Anthropologie, Banana, and J.Crew. The Jeans too are from Banana, and were marked down to $18.98 from $89.50 (another example of why I vow not to buy another pair of Sevens, Citizens, or any other pair of jeans north of $200 ever again). Each top was originally priced between $59 and $109, and all were marked down with additional percentages off that resulted in a purchase price below the $20 mark. I know lunch salads that cost more than that (today I had a Luna Bar for lunch to prove my point). So my already bursting closet is now home to a few more pops of colorful silk that will pair under slim blazers and cashmere cardigans for now, and be worn solo once the temperature rises by spring. Happy deal shopping!


  1. Hey, I recognize that clothing.

  2. oh, oh, not good when the husband recognizes new clothes!


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