Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring Gems

Art deco is not just for wall art and mod boutique hotels. Some of spring's hottest jewelry revels in the art deco period in culture with all the charm and reverie of a 1930's cocktail frolic.

J.Crew does costume like few other middle market brands. Anthropologie also never fails to offer something that makes me think for a split second about buying. (I have a hard time paying full price for such items after working in the industry with discounts and knowledge of just how steep the margin mark-up is on such items. You'd be shocked.) And really, some remind me of creations I'd amass at the local bead store when I was in middle school, or craft fairs at summer camp.

But I may just have to break down and buy a new statement necklace for spring. With nothing but jeans and a white cotton t, one of these shiners can make an entire outfit. And how effortless and chic to thrown on a $5 Hanes with a $200 deco piece and head out for some $20 cocktails? How very Miley Cyrus (according to this month's Harpers).


  1. One of those pieces is a must for me this spring! Paired as you said with a $5 white Hanes and Loft jeans will make me the envy of the "girls".

  2. I want one of each please


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