Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not pregnant and not in Heels

Baby Tucker arrived on May 15th (weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, after 36 hours of labor beginning on Friday the 13th) and for the first time in 14 days, I dried my hair, ironed it, and put on a madras skirt with matching tank for the Memorial Day weekend(the unofficial start to summer). The offers of help I once scoffed at have all been phoned in, and frantic calls to find a part time baby nurse have ensued.

Those cute seersucker onesies I was all too excited about have been sitting untouched in the baby dresser, instead the little man is donning the footed one piece pajama, 24 hours a day (and wetting through at least 3 of them in a given morning through night period). They shouldn't make such cute short sleeve, bare-leg outfits in size 0 months, because apparently, babies have to be in layers even in 75 degree weather for their first month of life. Of course people like me will drop $30 for a teeny tiny collard short sleeved polo suit that the baby will outgrow by time he has enough self temperature regulation to actually wear. So all the footed pj's I turned my nose up at have become our life staples, and my fears that my baby will be a couch potato sitting in his sweat pants all day will have to be shelved until he can at least sit up on his own.

The lack of time between 10 minute baby naps and appetite has made my maternity wardrobe a thing of the past, but I've yet to break out any of the new finds I have for the season. In due time I hope!