Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

What are your plans for New Years Eve 2009? Every year since college, my friends and I spend less energy planning our night out for New Years, and try to involve the least amount of traveling, money, and hoopla. My first New Years as a New York City resident was quite exciting, but the $150 tickets we all bought to spend the night in a cramped 'hot spot' with weak drinks and loud music was much overrated. This year, my husband (who has to work tomorrow) and I are having some friends over for a little champagne and hor'dourves, followed by a late group dinner in the West Village.

Regardless of the venue, the most important part of the holiday for me is choosing the perfect outfit. It's the perfect excuse to pull out the sequins, the frills, and the oversized jewelery. Since the employment fairy has still not paid me a visit, I can't afford to to what I would usually resort to- buying a new top to pair with a pair if slim pants or a skirt. This year I'm forced to shop my closet, and though this inspired another purge, I managed to find a silk tiered racer-back blouse in cream and tan. It'll go nicely with a multi-strand necklace and the David Yurman bracelet Santa was nice enough to bring this year.

Another important decision when trekking out in the City on New Years Eve is appropriate footwear. Do not count on getting a cab no matter what time you're trying (flash back to my friend Megan and I walking home barefoot from West 19th street and 8th ave to my old apartment on 47th and 3rd ave several years back). Plan on walking great distances, or roughing it on the subway (which usually requires much walking as well, especially if you have friends like mine that seem to love the West Village). I like to go with a pair of low heel ankle boots that are a few season old, so I don't freak out when a pal pours her champagne on my feet, or when I misjudge the amount of momentum I need to hop up to the curb to avoid the puddle.

Have a stylish and fabulous New Years, whatever your plans!


  1. I hope some results of that "purge" come my way!

  2. As an ex-New Yorker, I would say this is great advice! Hope you had a fun night. Happy new year!


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