Friday, December 11, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

Interviewing is like dating, and I am good at neither (regardless of what my Husband might say). The process for both ventures is the same- grueling, brimming with vulnerability, and often seeping with desperation.

Step 1: getting dressed to impress. You must get inside the head of someone else, and anticipate their likes and dislikes. You will probably try on at least 4-6 outfits, and summarily dismiss each before you finally land on the perfect mix of personal style, seriousness, and a touch of individuality.

Step 2: trying to get picked as 'the one'. You will try for the entire length of the rendezvous to be witty (which is exhausting). You will smile, not too much to appear like an add for BriteSmile, but just enough to show you are affable, approachable, and all around pleasant company. In the face of inquisitive questions on a range of topics (Where are you from? What are your passions? What are your flaws? How would your best friend describe you? How might your worst enemy depict you?) you'll try to strike a balance of honesty, openness, and mystery to create a sense of consternation that will keep them wanting more.

Step 3: waiting. Though the meeting may take place on Tuesday of one week, you know better than to start expectantly checking your email and phone until at least that Friday. By the following Tuesday, still with no correspondence, you will begin frantically toting your Blackberry with you everywhere you go (bathroom, gym, lunch with mom). After 2 full weeks of nothing, you will declare to friends and family that you've given up and are 'so over it', but secretly you will still furtively check for any sign of communication. After about a month, you will admit defeat to yourself, and dejectedly drag yourself to your computer to scour the sales at J.Crew, or Facebook for any status updates that might take your mind off rejection for a while.

Rough business!


  1. and you never want to be the one that calls them! although sometimes employers (and men) may like that....

  2. I would call you back for sure


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