Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Affordable Luxury

Nothing makes me happier than news that a high-end designer is rolling out an affordable line (except maybe news that I was getting a quilted Chanel bag for Christmas). For the ultimate high punch without the usual high pinch, several designers have collaborated with mainstream mega-stores like Target (please don't pronounce it 'Tar-jay') and Swedish giant H&M. Former success stories have hit record sales and sold out in mere hours. A few of my past favorites include Erin Fetherston for Target in 2007, Commes des Garcons also for Target in 2008, and Matthew Williamson (formerly of Pucci) this past summer at H&M.

I've always been a fan of Temperley London, and now Alice Temperley will be introducing a pocket friendly line called 'Alice' that will be available at The line will feature pieces in the $150-$350 range, chocked full of menswear stripes, edgy accents and feminine details (for a preview, see page 44 of Marie Claire's January issue). H&M debuted a fanciful collection of lingerie by Sonia Rykiel this past weekend, and though I'm not in need of anymore lingerie after my bridal shower this summer, I couldn't help sneaking a look on a precious break from CLE training in Times Square. The rain didn't hamper the enthusiasm, and the crowds were maddeningly thick. In February the chain will feature a knitwear line by the designer.

Some high to low collections to anticipate include feisty California sister duo Rodarte which will be available at Target from December 20th through January 24th, and Zac Posen's Target line beginning April 25th. (I'm also excited about Zac's new lower priced line, Z Spoke, with prices south of $100, available at Saks this spring. Hopefully I will have found a job by then, because either way, I'm buying some Zac!)


  1. Your news makes me wish Spring (especially April 25) was around the next corner!

  2. Did someone say Tar-jay?

  3. Love Temperley, love Zac, and bemoan that there is no target in NYC


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