Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please Don't Launch Their Line

I'm not sure that anyone besides me has even seen an episode of Bravo's newest fashion competition show, Launch My Line, Wednesdays at 11pm (unemployment leaves me ample free time for all sorts of wasteful frolics). But if you haven't, consider yourself lucky. Though I was initially curious, and even perhaps a little delighted at the thought of watching hosts Dean and Dan Caten (the brother duo behind chic fashion line Dsquared2), my anticipation was misguided. After 2 weeks and 2 episodes, I think I've thrown in the towel.

The backdrop of the show is a bunch of people who love fashion (choreographer, journalist, music executive), but who have never touched a needle and thread in their lives, team up with design 'experts' and work to create a clothing line. The ultimate prize includes editorial coverage in Lucky, and selling their line on Rue La (which I had never heard of before the show). Each week, they create a new piece for the line, and one unlucky fashion neophyte is voted off the island by a panel of admittedly talented judges (perhaps looking to make ends meet in this bitterly chilly economy by agreeing to appear on the show).

This show is another example of why the fashion industry can sometimes get a bad rap. Showing America that anyone who loves style and clothing can be a 'designer' is simply bad business. (I love fashion and all things shiny, but do not profess to be a 'designer' waiting for my big break. I can write a legal brief better than I can create a bias draped cocktail dress.) There are copious numbers of people worldwide who can create beautiful, inspirational pieces but don't have the financial means to bring their skill to fruition. Throwing money, spotlight, and a pair of veteran sewing hands at the situation does not a designer make. One particularly nauseating scene included a wanna be designer complaining in the face of criticism, "What do you want from me? I've never done this before!" My point exactly. Step away from the mannequin.


  1. Bravo needs to go back to the drawing boards on that one..haha

  2. I agree 100%. What a waste of time. Resources are better used in programs like the one at Vogue that funds young, new talent.

  3. Well, the ratings are horrible. Can you guess who this is?

  4. I guess that anonymous #3 is my friend and former college roomie who works in TV and always has the in on all the ratings to my most and least favorite shows :) Please tell them no more shows like this one!

  5. Us older folks can barely turn on the TV without rolling our eyes at the nonsense someone thinks is appealing! I'm delighted to hear that's it's not just the musing of a baby-boomer.


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