Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Dilemma

Though it's been 6 years since I left the dating game (and almost 3 since my wedding), I still enjoy weighing in when it comes to outfitting for such an occasion. My dear friend Jane L. has been dipping a toe in the dating tide recently after a brief hiatus, and through her varied forays into fabulous (and not so fabulous) rendezvous, I've gotten to revisit some of my favorite rules of dressing.

Sunday brunch at Limani in Roslyn. No high heels on a sunday. Wedges are fine, (this Maribeth espadrille is a perfect choice) a peep toe, a sling back, a flat strappy number, all okay. And no denim. Never blue denim in the summer (thats more a rule of logic than a principal of fashion, but important nonetheless). Anthropologie Sundress, gauzey scarf, light colored skirt and top, keep it casual.

Friday night dinner at One if By Land Two if By Sea in the West Village (venue says a lot about the potential suitor- this one is good so far). Heels are good for a Friday, but nothing too formal. No black dresses (unless there's a pop of color at the neck, like this Bubble from J.Crew). Stick to straight cut ankle length pants, and a silk top. An no boots. Boots go back in the closet after March 31st, and must stay there until mid September.

Saturday drinks at PJ Clarke's, midtown. (A better choice for an afterwork night, and date number 1 or 2, not such a great 3rd date). Jeans would be a yes if this were May, but the white jean is an acceptible alternative for June. No flat sandals on Saturday night. And a large bangle is a nice touch. I love a few large bracelets jangling together as one sips a vodka gimlet (or two, if hes a keeper at this point. And if he's not, the 2nd one may temporarily alleviate the sting of disappointment).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Natural Highs

When I signed the termination agreement truncating my leasehold at the last apartment I'd (ever?) rent, I also severed my longtime relationship with the gym. No matter where the most recent landlord-tenant relationship had roots, there was always a treadmill, elliptical machine and stationary bike a stone's throw from my door. This facilitated keeping trim while pregnant, burning off the Crumbs cupcake binge that resulted from Bar study, and overall mental calm.

Without the time to drive to the nearest gym, and with the added guilt of a making a regular payment to someone other than Wells Fargo, a monthly membership is not currently in the cards. Whats a girl with a closet stocked with clothes that must always fit to do? Run outside!

 Day 1 was pleasant, I made my way to the nearby beach and along the ocean path in Sea Cliff. Day 2 brought some stiffness and complaints. After day 3 of this great new plan, I have sore shins, I must hold on to the railing when climbing my new staircase, and I can't sit down to put the baby's shoes on without wincing in pain and assistance from my partially blind husband (he is still healing from surgery). Im not sure what this 'runner's high' I hear about is, but this can't be it. I've felt better than this after a glass or two of Chardonnay. I think that those great elliptical machines I saw in Sears (yes, I went to Sears last week for a garage door remote) are a better choice for my waistline, and I'll stick to my California whites for the lift.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Space Saving

One of the many joys to home ownership is the ability to drill, alter, paint and more without the risk of a complaining neighbor sharing the wall you want to nail 5 picture hooks into at midnight, or a landlord that threatens to charge you $2000 in penalty fees for discovering the cat you've been illegally harboring for your tenancy.

The first project we undertook in the house was the above closet room. Since we have one (and only one)baby, a 4th bedroom was superfluous. Some might make it a 'man cave', an exercise room, a study. When you are like me and have 70+ pairs of shoes, a much better use of the extra space is to create the perfect closet.

So a few weeks and several thousands of dollars later, I have the perfect closet. The problem now is having no money to shop for new beautiful things to fill it with. But I guess that's not so much of an issue, as where I used to run to the nearest JCrew any time I left work before 8:00pm, now, when I have the unique opportunity to skip out of work at 2:00pm on a random Thursday, I fill with joy over being able to get a load of laundry done and swiffering the hardwood floors before daycare pick-up.

Monday, June 4, 2012

When it Rains....

Seasons have skipped faster like a teenage heart in love, and now the hot weather is here to stay. My hair dryer is about to be packed away til fall in favor of the the humidity-friendly curl cream, and I am learning how to use the temperature control setting on our central air conditioner thermostat to be 'green' without melting away into the 500 count sheets I treated myself too before the first mortgage payment was due.

Life's curve balls have been plentiful these past few weeks, when the day after moving into our brand new, turn-key 4 bedroom home, the husband called informing me he was going in for emergency surgery that night, the infant came down with a double ear infection that resisted 2 forms of antibiotics (a fellow patient then tried to steal my Louis purse from the pediatrician's waiting room), and finally my dad had a major cardiac event this past weekend.  All while holding down a full time job and my reputation as well put together. A true test of friendships, fortitude, and fashion under fire. A new dress and pair of heels help to lift the spirits when the walls around seem to be crumbling, but friends are the rainbow after the storm (and always the best accessory!).