Thursday, June 7, 2012

Space Saving

One of the many joys to home ownership is the ability to drill, alter, paint and more without the risk of a complaining neighbor sharing the wall you want to nail 5 picture hooks into at midnight, or a landlord that threatens to charge you $2000 in penalty fees for discovering the cat you've been illegally harboring for your tenancy.

The first project we undertook in the house was the above closet room. Since we have one (and only one)baby, a 4th bedroom was superfluous. Some might make it a 'man cave', an exercise room, a study. When you are like me and have 70+ pairs of shoes, a much better use of the extra space is to create the perfect closet.

So a few weeks and several thousands of dollars later, I have the perfect closet. The problem now is having no money to shop for new beautiful things to fill it with. But I guess that's not so much of an issue, as where I used to run to the nearest JCrew any time I left work before 8:00pm, now, when I have the unique opportunity to skip out of work at 2:00pm on a random Thursday, I fill with joy over being able to get a load of laundry done and swiffering the hardwood floors before daycare pick-up.

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