Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedge Woods

Standing online behind 4 other people all waiting to pay gives one time to assess the pending purchases. I loved the cognac, braided leather, 3 inch heeled sandals in my hand, and at 30% off full price, I loved them even more. But in a sea of wedges, I was holding the only actual heel and it gave me pause. Heels are fabulous, but not so much for walking on grass or cobble stones, carrying children, or walking fast to keep up with a boss who likes to walk and talk (all of which lay ahead for me this summer). So reluctantly, (even perhaps a little shamefully?) I stepped out of the line and returned the box to a near by couch with an apologetic smile in the direction of the salesgirl.

Satisfied to have averted a wasteful purchase, I redirected my focus to a new pair of wedges, much more practical for my upcoming season. If price is of no concern, Chloe does 70's wedge better than most. Since I will be spending more on diapers than on duds this summer, I need to steer clear of Saks. J.Crew's collection of Italian leather wedges is hard to pass up, most prices south of $200 lessen the blow as well. I love the Marguerite and the Sevigne, both modest in height (and both flattering on the leg, if I'm to believe the well accessorised salesgirl in Walt Whitman). For a less severe look, with slightly more refinement, Loft's Frankie Wedge is a must have (especially at $79.50). No matter how many pedicures I get during the summer, my sandals seem to be gross by the seasons end and I have a hard time squeezing out an encore. While this is usually a nice excuse to shop, I am having pains parting with a particularly perfect black and tan pair from Ann purchased in spring 2010. The search goes on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Never Say Never...

At the risk of outing myself as a fashion hypocrite, I must admit to the facts of my day. I woke up at 7:00, when I had to be at work at 7:35 for meeting. While I usually lay all elements of my outfits out the night before (including under garments), lately this has still resulted in last minute changes to the chosen attire (the silk non-maternity tops Ive been clinging to for the past 32 weeks have officially been relegated to the unwearable section of the closet, along with many other items that pull at my heart each day. And mind you at 8 months pregnant I've gained exactly 19 pounds, which I hear is fairly standard and does not qualify me for the whale category yet, but tell that to my shirts).

So this morning, when the pre-selected gray silk tank pulled angrily at my stomach after being inched down over my shoulders, I ripped it off and frantically began digging through the cotton-spandex blended maternity tops from Pea in the Pod. With an acceptable top finally pulled comfortably over my bump, I needed a different pair of pants. Trusty demi-panel black pants were finally in the laundry, green cords worn the day before, and khakis saved for the spring like day predicted Friday. I eyed the top shelf, reserved for 'around the house' apparel, and slowly eased down a pair of black ankle length leggings with two fingers. With the tunic length top and ballet flats, they had to work for the day which now began in 10 minutes.

I wont lie, I felt comfortable all day, was able to sit and stand with zero textile resistance, and didn't rush to change when I got home this afternoon at the civilized hour of 4:30. I can't say I'm choosing function over fashion everyday, but today, the leggings saved me.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Expanding Shapes

The thrill of maternity clothes peaks around 20 weeks, when you can finally fit into those demi-panel Seven jeans, and super cute Pea in the Pod tops you've been eying since week 4. By 31 weeks, the novelty has worn off, and all I want is regular clothes that are not cut like burlap sacks. As a 400 person gala I spend all winter organizing is fast approaching, the non-maternity size 2 Ann Taylor jersey dress that fit me last week no longer looks so cute this week (it has no zippers, buttons or closures, and is simply one straight cut piece of spandex that expands as it needs to. Picture eating nachos, a burger, and molten chocolate cake at Chili's, and never having to unzip your pants. It feel like that). Despite the addition of a maternity Spanx and fabulous bib necklace, my mirror just doesn't think the dress works anymore.

Luckily, stores such as Nordstroms offer many acceptable options, at prices that ease the pain of the purchase (I hate buying a dress I am destined to wear only once, I always try to get at least 2 wears per buy). I also love Isabella Oliver, but price tags north of $120 for a dress that will fit for about 8 more weeks just sting too much. With the help of my friend from college (whose May 14th wedding I will be in labor and delivery during), I anxiously await the arrival of my Olian colorblock dress, pictured right (reminiscent of Reese's Oscar gown on some small level) to see me through the event in 6 short weeks.