Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedge Woods

Standing online behind 4 other people all waiting to pay gives one time to assess the pending purchases. I loved the cognac, braided leather, 3 inch heeled sandals in my hand, and at 30% off full price, I loved them even more. But in a sea of wedges, I was holding the only actual heel and it gave me pause. Heels are fabulous, but not so much for walking on grass or cobble stones, carrying children, or walking fast to keep up with a boss who likes to walk and talk (all of which lay ahead for me this summer). So reluctantly, (even perhaps a little shamefully?) I stepped out of the line and returned the box to a near by couch with an apologetic smile in the direction of the salesgirl.

Satisfied to have averted a wasteful purchase, I redirected my focus to a new pair of wedges, much more practical for my upcoming season. If price is of no concern, Chloe does 70's wedge better than most. Since I will be spending more on diapers than on duds this summer, I need to steer clear of Saks. J.Crew's collection of Italian leather wedges is hard to pass up, most prices south of $200 lessen the blow as well. I love the Marguerite and the Sevigne, both modest in height (and both flattering on the leg, if I'm to believe the well accessorised salesgirl in Walt Whitman). For a less severe look, with slightly more refinement, Loft's Frankie Wedge is a must have (especially at $79.50). No matter how many pedicures I get during the summer, my sandals seem to be gross by the seasons end and I have a hard time squeezing out an encore. While this is usually a nice excuse to shop, I am having pains parting with a particularly perfect black and tan pair from Ann purchased in spring 2010. The search goes on.

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