Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Short of It

Everyone has their favorite article of summer clothing. Whether it's your jersey knit dress, your white chinos, or a classic pair of madras shorts, you've surely sported your seasonal best at least a few times since the mercury rose past 70 degrees. A warm weather trend I've always been a fan of is the ankle length pant. (Not to be confused with the capri pant, which doesn't actually look good on anyone and has the affect of turning perfectly average legs into stocky hamhocks.)

Despite my affinity for the cropped trouser, I was confused and slightly bewildered to see Docker's ankle length pants for men while browsing the web for a linen sport jacket for my husband (an upcoming Ritz Carlton wedding in Jamaica certainly calls for linen). While a woman' slim, smooth ankle may look cute exposed under a pair of 26' inseam chambray pants, is a man's thicker, bear-like extremity really attractive? (my best friend Rebecca might have a thing or two to say about womens' ankles be called 'slim' as a generality, but she always likes to argue both sides of the case.) I'm just not sure how I feel about this new trend for the average man.

Whether you prefer to feel the breeze against your ankle bone, or like it covered up with some summer weight cotton, be sure to pull out all your best for the 4th. I'm sure I will pack my madras for a boating trip to Eastern Long Island on my parent's new yacht. Hopefully the hubs won't confuse our plaids.


  1. Always just gives me the creeps when I see guys wearing pants that are tantamount to capris...just wrong on many levels.
    Great post...

  2. I actually like it on the right guy. Definitely have to be on the slim side. And if you're tall it's even trickier--don't want to just look like your pants are too short by accident!

  3. how do you feel about trousers that have been cuffed/rolled up to the appropriate height?

  4. Mr. Lauren, mens pants cuffed/rolled to the right length for flat loafers or sandals (no exposed ankle bones) are very acceptable and even stylish on the right man (as I am guessing you are both). Roll away!


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