Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fall Foreward

Though for most normal people July signals the thick of summer, for fashion people, it rings in the first deliveries of fall (all in-warehouse dates after 6/26 are classified as fall, believe it or not). If you've been shopping lately you've no doubt noticed large sale signs, to clear the way for the fresher fall palette that often doesn't sit cohesively among the summer's citrus hues.

Rather than breaking out the tweed and cashmere, retailers take you into the new season gently, like those initial tip-toe tests of the icy ocean water in early June. Coral and brown is a popular transition combo I've seen around, done in short (but not too short) skirts and silk trimmed tanks for the hot temperatures. Blazers are seasonless, and J.Crew's Ikat number (pictured left) is right on for the in-between. And of course nothing beats a floral Zac Posen dress done in darker tones and cinched with a black belt for easing the conversion into cooler times.

For a peak at whats to come, take a trip down Madison (or to the local mall) and have a look around. As usual, the fashion world is a few steps ahead of the calendar.

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