Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Legally Speaking

Though there are very mixed reviews when it comes to Coach (the once classic leather ware company now turned quasi-designer with the ever popular logo tapestry and a raging arsenal of 'C' configurations) there can be no ambivalence when it comes to my pet peeve: fake bags. On June 8th, the company filed suit naming Klass Fashion ASIM Enterprises as defendants in the Southern District of Texas. The cause of action was the ever popular trademark infringement claim.

I remember when my parents first realized I had outgrown my gap messenger bag days and was ready for something a touch more sophisticated (this was circa 1993, when I was in the 6th grade. My poor parents). A trip to the Coach store ended with a glorious, camel colored, butter soft leather tote, with stamped Coach logo inconspicuously under the top handle. A decade and a half later, and such iconic staples have been replaced by fuchsia, eye catching nylons with flagrant brand identifiers accosting the senses like designer impostor perfume. I'm sure from a business perspective, this was a calculated endeavour to place the brand among the rank and file with premium, luxury houses (had they hired my new company to consult for them, I certainly would not have disagreed with this move. I would, however, have advised against such blatant unoriginality in strategy to compete with the big wigs of bags).

Love them or loathe them, infringement is never the path to dominion. I just miss the days of originality (as in the definition of copyrightable material).

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  1. yeah, coach is not so hot these days, but do love their oldies


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