Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shoe Full

As the first full week of June approaches, the shoe gods are aligning themselves for June 2010 FFANY shoe show all over New York City. This entails many hours spent on foot, merchandising shelves upon shelves of shoes, only to have the boss catch one glimpse of it over Blackberry, and order the whole store to be flipped upside down.

Though some people find the exposure effect to have the opposite result, I find that spending upwards of 12 hours a day knee deep in knee high boots and sandals creates a desire to own even more pairs of shoes. (The memory of moving 2 weeks ago, and individually bubble wrapping an inordinate number of shoe boxes should quell this urge, but women's minds are not always machines of logic.) Perhaps its a coping mechanism, along the lines of cognitive dissonance, to crave the goods you dedicate most of your waking hours immersed in.

But regardless of the explanation, the economic predicament that some feel has subsided has not extinguished people's dedication to buying footwear (Monday reports don't lie). Though I sometimes check my math 2 and 3 times over, numbers (unlike people) are easy to read with the right calculations. (News of impending lay offs after more budget cuts in District Attorney Offices City wide make people's spending habits seem even more confounding, but again, logical is not the name of the game.)

Enjoy the best looking shoe shelves you'll see all summer, but buy wisely. You too may have to fit them all in a moving box one day if you decide to cross the river to save some dough.

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